Nongshim Mr. Bibim Noodles with Korean Spicy Sauce Stir-fried Kimchi Flavour

Country of Origin: South Korea

Kimchi is my life now; but not this life.


I found these little puppies last night; seems that Nongshim are making this “Mr. Bibim” thing a line! I for one am OK with this as stir-fry noods are the Jam. These ones are…Kimchi…yeah I know; it seems like all we are finding lately are Kimchi! But hey, I love the stuff so I’m not complaining. Let’s see if these match up to Nongshim’s other ones!

Noodle block is a decent size; though they go with quite thinner noodles than I was expecting. I do like the artwork for the packaging and the sachets; I really want to like this “Mr. Bibim” Line solely for the packaging. Let’s see how the flavour goes.

I’ll be honest; these aren’t that great. I mean they are OK but that’s it. They are too sweet, have a slightly diluted flavour, and don’t really taste that much like Kimchi. It’s like you took a tin of spaghetti, added a bit of Tabasco, and added a little splash of pickle juice. Here, this is basically the recipe:

There is definitely that pickle taste present and there is a pretty high amount of heat here; but that’s all you get…oh and some really nice packaging. That’s about it. I don’t think Nongshim got this one right, which is disappointing for sure. I know they can do better.

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The Aftermath

Boy oh boy did these have something to say! I was heading home from work around 7ish and my stomach was doing something gnarly! It was the old drive-of-death and I was clenching my cheeks firmly so as to not explode all over my seat. Got home and ran straight for the bowl; it was 20 minutes of sit and wait (and a bit of crying). Explosions happened. Runny, stingy, explosions. But it wasn’t over. A few more visit for the night and then a huge explosion the following morning puts this firmly in high regret territory for me. My ring has never been so stingy.

8 flames. Didn’t enjoy it at all.

Here we go another KimChi nood, I have never been a fan of kimchi and probably wont ever be; the thought of fermented cabbage just sets me off. Also doesn’t agree with my stomach at all. These noods took a total of about 5 minutes to actually soak which is really poor; I was not a fan of having to wait while my stomach growls at me to feed it.

I kinda messed up when making these noods, I only read the word stir fry so I made them like any stir fry, then I realised that the condiments were dried and needed to be hydrated (this was after I tipped all the water out) so I thought on my feet and put them into a mug and poured hot water into it, crisis averted!

I found them to be pretty tasty, me personally I was pushing to have this put as good flavour but I have a sweet tooth so maybe its just me.

Nothing bad came out the rear end, so no regret from me

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Well, well, well., Kimchi again. I swear I’ll never crave Kimchi again after this saga.  I enjoyed, I had fun, it was hot, it was a little too sweet. The noodles I feel are a little thin and I have no idea, given their gauge as to why they take 4 years to cook through, SAD. I didn’t hate the flavour, but given how many great kimchi ramens we’ve had lately, it didn’t really leave a lasting impression. It was a little too sweet for my liking and although had that tartish zing as it should, was kind of lacking in the kimchi flavour. I will say that these were pretty hot, so props for that BBM.

Nothing happened in the poop department, It was a nice quick easy endeavour, It wiped clean pretty well too, which I feel is something we neglect to mention very often. Good poopd, good poops.

0 Flames.

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