Sichuan Baijia Chongqing Noodles Hot and Sour Flavor

Country of Origin: China


In a welcome change from our previous dish, we encounter an explosion of flavour in this bad boy.

Plenty of additions!

Check ’em, we have a total of 4 goddamn flavour packets for quite a small noodle cake, which would explain why you’re supposed to use quite a bit of water for this – around 600ml. The dish looks great when mixed; a deep blood red broth with some dried cabbage(?) and sesame seeds for texture, spice paste, old vinegar and a lot more salt than is good for you.

It’s a beautiful looking packet noodle

Fan of salty/sour? You’ll love this one, the salt level may as well classify as a strong brine, enough to leave your mouth tingling with was-that-spice-or-my-cells-exploding-from-dehydration goodness. This may actually explain the longevity some Asian countries are known for; they’re literally pickling themselves.

Photo really doesn’t do it justice

After finishing this I felt a strange sense of accomplishment or borderline dehydration, I’m still puzzling over which it was, but I did immediately guzzle about a litre of water afterwards in fear for my kidneys.

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

Thais seemed to have the opposite effect of most hot ramen, for the first time in a long while I pushed out a solid, clean water baby – 1 wipe and it’s done. Again probably the salt soaking up all the moisture in my lower intestine.

0 flames, basically Chinese Metamucil.

Ah, Sichuan Baijia we meet again my salty friend. Our last encounter with these was quite the review. I do believe I am well overdue for my next serving of sea water; what timing!

Oh well this didn’t disappoint! As per the last batch of noods from these trailblazers these looked fantastic! Like a restaurant-quality dish; plenty of veggies, massive sachets of chilli paste, flavouring and MSG. Smelled like vinegar and tasted like a big ol’ bag of salt! These things actually taste pretty good though; that is, if you can filter the flavour out through the sea-water. I wasn’t sure that anything could taste more salty than salt itself; I have been proven wrong. Couldn’t even detect any heat. Again, a potentially fantastic dish that is ruined by the desire to make the worlds saltiest noods.

So besides the regret I felt for Sichuan Baijia (a nood that could be incredible if they just toned down the damn salt) there was not a peep. No gurgling, no pain, no rushing for the loo. The morning poo was neither frantic nor painful.

0 flames.

This should be renamed renamed the strippers ex-boyfriend, it is sour and salty. Holy crap, it’s unbearably salty. We were concerned after eating the last Sichuan Baija, the levels of MSG in this CANNOT be healthy. the level of salt in this is on par with the dead sea (I think I made a similar statement the last we met this brand) It leaves the mouth tingling in a way that is hard to distinguish whether it’s from spice or the fact that every molecule of water has been pulled from your mouth. They ARE on the right track, both of the noods we have tried by sichuan baija have been tasty, AT FIRST. It’s an over bearing hit of salt and it’s next to impossible to enjoy after the second mouthful.

these gave me a serious case of the squirts, spray farts I had to make sure the missus couldn’t hear for fears of her leaving me. Please, if you have a sexy rendezvous upcoming, DO NOT have these prior. You will either be kicked out of your mistress’ houseĀ  OR you will be leaving the bathroom to find an empty bed. I can assure, you after the squirts I had, I didn’t even want to touch myself.

I’m torn between a 4 and 5. I will go with 4 flames though because my girlfriend didn’t hear and I don’t have to dive back into the dating pool.

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