Mi ABC Selera Pedas Mi Instan Rasa Sup Tomat Pedas (Hot Tomato Soup Flavour)

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Water is good for you


Spicy tomato flavour? Sure, why not? I like tomato soup and a bit of chilli is always a good thing. Let’s see how this goes.

Firstly, this looks like swamp water after mixing. Why isn’t it red? I associate the colour red in broths to both spicy and/or tomato, instead we are left with a murky orange-ish colour.

Normal block; nothing exciting here

On first sniff, not smelling tomato but sure, maybe it’s all in the flavour. First taste is pepper; nothing else. Does tomato translate to pepper in Indonesian? What the heck? This is just a mix of pepper and water. Where is the flavour I was promised? Where is the spicy? Where is the tomato? I feel lied to.

Look! The water is murky!

It doesn’t taste bad so much as it just tastes like a plain noodle cake with pepper added. I wouldn’t be mad if this said; “Pepper flavour” at least then I am getting what I signed up for, ABC makes some great sweet soy sauce and excellent chilli sauce I feel a million and one things could have been done differently here to make these good. Even just including some tomato base to the satchels. This was just disappointingly “meh”. So meh it incites fits of rage for me

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I pooped like normal this morning; there was nothing really special about the poop either. It was perhaps a little smellier than usual but nothing stingy or burny.  All in all the biggest regret, once again, was even bothering to try these noods.

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Well this was all kinds of disappointing. These are ones I brought back from my trip to Indo (yes, I brought back a lot) and from the packaging they look and sound delicious! Look at that deep red! And who doesn’t love tomato flavour things?

Apparently us; I actually used less water than the packaging indicated and it still tasted like a bowl of water with some noods inside. Oh with a tiny hint of chilli. Things got better once the noodles (which to their credit seemed to hold the flavour of water very well indeed) were gone but it still tasted like Mineral water; mineral Soup even. Not disgusting or anything but by god It’s like they didn’t even try.

So besides the immediate regret I felt for allowing Steve to spin the Wheel of Ramen (ending up in this disappointing dish being selected) there wasn’t a single problem. I mean, I didn’t think there would be; water is a necessity to survive and I’ve been drinking it my whole life.

0 flames; water keeps you hydrated.

So despite the size and quantity of ‘flavour’ packets that were included in the dish, Mi ABC have only managed to turn out a dish that I cannot even really refer to as ramen, or noodles. This is more of a lightly flavored wheat-water, with chunks.

The disappointment starts from the first drops of water you add to the bowl, instead of a bright red soup, you get something more like day 3 of dysentery, where the patient has expelled every solid object in their intestines, and are now dangerously close to dehydration.

You would think that making a noodle dish taste of… well, anything would be as simple as ABC. Apparently not my friends.

0 flames, water puts out fire.

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