Nongshim Kimchi Ramyun Noodle Soup (Cup Version)

Country of Origin: South Korea

This is one spicy meatball


These noods are actually good looking! But what the hell flavor are they?

The seasoning comes in neat little packages that are colored like Korea but as we know these are made in CHINA!!!!!!

Again with a fork! Truly on-the-go noods

The broth on this one was actually so fucking good; I really enjoyed this one! The heat gives you a kick and is quick to disappear but with every bite it comes back for a throat punch

So many veggies!

The amount of veggies is too dam high! Tone it a bit gosh!

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

Like most noodles I have that give me some sort of regret it flies through my stomach like I was having diarrhea Probably because it was diarrhea Nic – Kam

I give these a regret 3, just for the rocket poop that occurs

So here is another Korean Noodle that is actually made in China; it appears that – while the packet versions are all imported from Korea directly – the cup versions exported here to Australia seem to be manufactured in China. Interesting.

So the noods hydrate quite – thanks to the thinner nature – and they actually still have a great spring to them. Really like the texture. The flavour holds well and there is a definite heat in these; but not quite enough to break out of the “low” rating. Broth was delicious and there are copius amounts of roughage; I really like these. In fact, I think these taste better than the packet variety.

Not a peep from these puppies. Seriously safe for me; again, I haven’t even pooped since eating these. No gas, no gurgles, nothing.

0 flames; safety noods!

I’m not big on cup noodle noodles. Thin ribbony bastards of starch usually. These hydrated well, not overly starchy and even managed to hold the flavour of the broth! Good work Nomgshim. I know this is a revisit for the different delivery system but I can’t remember what I wrote about these last time. I could go back and read to see if my thoughts differ, but this is Trumps America and I have every right to be completely negligent of my past comments and say that these are delicious. If this was my last thought on them, it’s nice to remain consistent.

Regret was a non factor. Nic is broken, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Nice firm sensible poop this morning and no burns that caused any bother.

0 flame.

Overall Porcelain Punishment Level

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