Nongshim Kimchi Ramyun Noodle Soup

Country of Origin: South Korea

Fermented Farts are bad for your Chi


I’m a pretty big fan of cabbage when it’s no longer cabbage, Kraut, Coleslaw, Kim chi. It’s a tale as old as time, underwhelming vegetable picked on in highschool grows up to be a big deal: the classic underdog story. I was eying these off for quite a while and could hardly contain my excitement when the time came to munch away.

Pretty standard Nongshim block

Nood block, Round in shape is always a big tick from us; No one owns square bowls, stop making square nood cakes. A generous bag of bits to add to the flavours and quite a large amount of seasoning. Despite the amount of seasoning, the first bite was a little underwhelming. The flavour seemed to lack any form of depth, just “oh, kim chi” and that was it. Granted that is the flavour it was going for, I just feel it lacked a bit of body.

The finished dish

As the Nood levels dropped and broth level remained relatively the same, I realize that the flavour just doesn’t hold to the noods. Drinking the flavoured nood water, a generous punch of fermented chilli cabbage enveloped the tongue and I just wished it was present from the start. The heat was low, in comparison to the other dishes we eat, this wasn’t really on the scale. Thoroughly enjoyable, regret is almost certain to be non existent.

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

I got through the night without any issues, no grumbles nothing. The next morning, time for the daily movement. For the first few moments, I thought there would be nothing to report, however, the smell soon got to ungodly levels. If you are going on a date and anticipating staying the night, reconsider these noods. Sneaking off to the bathroom won’t be a problem but you are going to leave a smell that translates very well to: No second dates.

3 there was not burns no urgency but the smell is going to be of grave concern.

Ahh Kimchi my old friend, the colon-cleansing garnish that spans continents. I was also looking forward to this dish, finally giving the cabbage-y dish its own spot in the limelight.

Problem was that the noodles really let this broth down, they were just too slippery to hold any sauce so you needed to wait until the broth to get the full power of the Kimchi. Perhaps a bronze-cut noodle next time? Or even a trip to #RamenLabs with a more quality block o ‘n00ds could be in the pipeline. Anyway, the broth was great, soupy cabbagy goodness that you only get from burying cabbages and spice in earthenware pots and letting them rot for a few months. Man, humans are weird.

Regret for this dish was not reeeally a concern for me, but the morning after caught some grumbly tummy and a high-volume colon cleanse that leaves you feeling light and refreshed. And people actually pay real money to have that done.

3 flames – book off the next morning as a spa day – your body will thank you.

These were actually pretty tasty. I was initially underwhelmed as the noods didn’t really hold the flavour as well as I’d hoped and, while the Kimchi flavour was there, it was underutilised. That changed when I got to the broth; wow the flavour! Fantastic. Not too spicy; a very comfortable heat level which left a subtle tingle on your lips on completion. Pretty Good Noods.

This had very little impact on me. Just a couple of stinky farts and that was it! But the farts are pretty stinky so be aware.

2 flames; just a few farts

Overall Porcelain Punishment Level

Community PPĀ Level


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