Indo Mie Mi Goreng Hot and Spicy (Export Version)

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Here we go again! with good old Mi Goreng only Hot and Spicy


As you can tell I came in to this review with the satisfaction of being the king of the originals; I would destroy 2 packets and still have room for a 3rd.

As you can see the nood block is the same as the classic, only there is different seasoning with this one.

Eating the noodles they taste just like the classic; only with heat! My colleagues have said it tastes delicious but I totally disagree and think these are just ‘good’; however, because its 1 against 2 I lost that argument! The heat isn’t that high but its there and it does give you some lip burn; fortunately it disappears pretty quickly.


Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

How do i word this…. Nada, Zip the aftermath is none existent with this one, not even a slight stomach churn or and uneasy feeling, not even the stinky fart showed its face

0.00001 because c’mon who wants to be original with a 0

So we reviewed the version of these sold locally in Indonesia before; we were interested to see if their export version (which we grabbed here in Australia) was any different. Was the recipeĀ  modified for western palates? These are still made in Jakarta so I’m not sure. The other two guys who reviewed the initial one weren’t brought in (Josh has his wisdom tooth out and Steve is busy doing Uni stuff) but at the end of the day we are reviewing regret here so Mat and Nic should suffice just fine!

So as expected these things taste fantastic! The wonderful Mi Goreng flavour we have grown to love with the heat bumped up a notch; nothing crazy with more of a spice in the back of the throat as opposed to hanging around the lips. Great texture, soft with a nice snap to the noodles, and very more-ish. I cant tell the difference flavour-wise between these and the variety sold in Indonesia (maybe we need to do a side-by-side review); the only thing I noticed was the dried chilli was a different colour. Overall; great snack!

0 flames; not a peep. Nothing.

Delicious burn that fills your mouth as you eat; delicious, yet cheap! The noodles themselves are a little bit pedestrian, bringing back memories of 2 minute noodles that you were forced to wolf down daily during college; however, the 3 spice sauces and 2 dry ingredients, the onion and powder make this seemingly cheap noodle taste highly delicious! 5minutes after eating my mouth still feels the warm glow of spice.

Spice 3/5
Taste 3/5
Texture 1.5/5

0 flames; I have a bit of an iron stomach. I haven’t regret anything since Sambal!

Overall Porcelain Punishment Level

Community PPĀ Level


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