Paldo Koreno Premium Thuong Hang Mi Vi Kim Chi

Country of Origin: Vietnam



So I picked these up from a specialty candy store in Yogyakarta called “Snacklicious”; the place had a whole bunch of candy and snacks imported from various Asian countries. This was one of the many I brought back.

Round…it fits in a bowl

So we are all aware of Paldo, the Korean noodle company; however what surprised me is Paldo, the refugee. No these aren’t actually Korean; these are Vietnamese! As the packet indicates these are made using “Korean Technology”…excellent….Bribery, corruption and scandal. The only way to make noodles.

So the block was round which is a big plus for me, and the noodles had the expected wonderful bite and gauge; Korean espionage indeed! Roughage was plentiful and flavour was on point; a wonderful Kim Chi taste with not too much bite. Actually I would have preferred more bite. But these were freaking fantastic nonetheless.

Plenty of roughage

All up, really happy with these. The Vietnamese have successfully managed to replicate Korean success; I will look forward to their remake of “Goblin” now.

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Taste Level

The Aftermath

Well these didn’t do diddly; which is great because these were tasty as hell! Not a peep; my bunghole (that’s the technical term) was quiet as a mouse. Good game guys.

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Ahh Kim chi, my favourite fermented ground vegetable. This refugee dish is probably hiding in Vietnam because it’s in danger of being eaten for being too delicious. Or maybe it’s hiding out from the US servicemen, because they’re not allowed in vietnam, because the war and stuff.

The excellent Korean technology shines through in the round block, nicely gauged noods and fast soakage. The broth could have used a little more spice, but beggars can’t be choosers when you’re hiding out from species destruction.

The low spice level is reflected in the regret, maybe something about the ferment does something to calm the stomach. No issues here cap’n.

0 flames.

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