Indo Mie Mi Goreng Pedas

Country of Origin: Indonesia


the Wheel has spoken and it appeared Indomie was on the menu again. This of course being the Indonesian import version of the Hot and Spicy Mi Goreng. Noodle block was free of surprises; just your stock standard block. The 3 compartment sauce and seasoning combo with the sweet soy, chilli oil and dried onion was present, a seasoning and chilli powder to be found in the secondary sachet. This is the Indomie we know and love, bags of bits galore.

Nice Noods

Cooking and mixing, the concoction smells familiar, perhaps with a little extra bite. I won’t lie, I’ve been hitting the hot sauce pretty hard lately, so I was relatively unphased by the spice but confirmation with a less fanatic chilli consumer allowed us to arrive at a heat level of Medium opposed to low where I would have been leaning towards. Indomie Mi Goreng is the staple in Australia; when you see a kid with his noods, they are 9 times out of 10 Indomie Mi Goreng. Favouritism aside these were fantastic, I’m not sure I’m comfortable going back to the standard.

Oh Mi Goreng; how I love thee.

Don’t get me wrong, this still has the slight taste of “How am I going to make it through the week on $10” but it was a step up from the bog standard. The only problem I had with this nood was the fact that every time I eat Mi Goreng, I have to live with the regret of eating nothing but Maggi noodles throughout my childhood. At least I know better now.

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

Nothing surprised me here, this past week my poops have been getting a little less stingy and a little more regular. I feel like my nan after her dose of prune juice! I feel the rumble of poops ahoy, toddle off to the lav, drop the pantaloons, and squeeze out the regular nugs.

0 Flames. Indomie with the good, good poops

Indomie; the champion of stir-fry style packet noodles. Wasn’t impressed by your soup based ones but I know this is where your strengths lie. And boy I wasn’t disappointed! Absolutely delicious; even better than the standard Mi Goreng! And this one really is ‘pedas’; not like the ‘Hot & Spicy’ ones you market out here. Good game Indomie. Good game.

The evening went without a peep; no pain, no strain, no flame. The next morning was a little different though; I did have a bit of urgency and 15-20 minute sit down to get something out. No Sting but definite anguish for a short time and an odd consistency.

3 flames; the morning after isn’t great but it’s the ideal timing for anything to occur

Me and my fellow Pedasphiles always look forward to a good stir-fry nood, although we were a little put off by the ‘curry’ offering of Indomie.

However, they have redeemed themselves with this delicious pack O’ noods, a classic Indomie dish with the expected 3-blister sachet, seasoning and fried onions that we all love. The soy sauce and tasty spices were melt in your mouth delicious. Heat levels were definitely present, if moderate according to our human slave guinea pig Nic.

Regret seemed to be almost nonexistent for this one, at most a wee bit of a rush onto the bog the morning after.

1 flames, even for the inexperienced.

Overall Porcelain Punishment Level

Community PP Level


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