Samyang Hot Yukgaejang Noodle Soup

Country of Origin: South Korea

Finally the guinea pig gets a review!


Well, finally I get a platform to vent my distaste in spicy food!! How exciting; let’s get started then.

The noodle size could have been a bit bigger for my liking; that being said, if you’re not one looking to have the top button rip off your pants then this is a great size for you!

Standard Samyang block; not round 🙁

Apparently these noodles are supposed to be mushroom flavored, I couldn’t taste any of that, was more of a tomato taste than anything else; think of the soup as a tomato soup with a side of 2nd degree burning for your lips.

Looks like the usual fare; smells good!

These noodles were great for giving mixed messages, but I must say it was good to have some spice that doesn’t want you to die in the act of eating your food. The flavoring was an average; there was points I could taste it but points I couldn’t. But the spice was there the whole time, was not as full on as some of the noods I’ve been conned into eating with these guys. Overall I did enjoy this dish and the soup was one of my favorite parts.

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The Aftermath

Here I was hoping for a great review for the aftermath; hoping to say that I now need to replace my toilet… but that didn’t happen, I can only think of one thing to say:

“Here I sit broken hearted, tried to shit but only farted”

1 flame, the regret is nonexistent but you could say your housemates would say the regret lies with the farts you’ll be producing.

So Nic did alright as the guest today; we had to help him along a bit as he was very indecisive about pretty much everything but yeah not a bad effort!

Anyway the noods; not really that spicy (a healthy medium) and very vegetable-like base (turns out it’s mushroom; couldn’t have picked that! Get it…picked…yeah our humour is very high brow). Overall a satisfying meal; nothing mind-blowing, but a good standard bowl of packet ramen. Not expecting much regret from this one

Well, I was wrong. I actually had one hell of a poop that evening. A few. One of them was pretty stingy too! To be honest, I may have skewed the results because I was snacking on some more toasted fire snacks, so I’ll halve my regret rating on account of that.

3 flames; was going to go with 6 but I think I screwed these results..

It felt weird doing this without Steve. We have – since we started – been taunting one of our colleagues with our noods; great guy, terrible tolerance for spicy food.

Onto the reason you’re reading though. Our hero ramen brand, Samyang, is back on the menu! I was caught doing some work so I missed out on the unveil and cooking process; but that means I was served my noodles piping hot right to my desk! At first taste I was a little underwhelmed. Wheres the Samyang we know and love? Second mouthful, ah I see, not bad. I’ll agree with Nic, this ramen had a tendancy to hide and dance around the pallete. The heat was there, not a lot, just enough to let you know it exists. Nice mild chilli tone.

I genuinely couldn’t figure out the flavour. Beef? No. Tomato? Maybe. Apparently mushroom? I kinda get that but not without being told. That being said, the flavour was good, I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was just hard to pinpoint.

Not a problem pooping. Perhaps our bowels are getting used to it. No regrets, will eat this again.

0 flames.

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