Tseng Noodles Spicy Sichuan Pepper Flavor

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Delicacy in generation; sharing the sensation


Premium packaging often leads to underwhelming noods. Gladly, this wasn’t the case, the ribbon noodles were fantastic, the premium packaging it appears carried through to its contents.

Oooh we have a fancy-pants right here!

I was a little disappointed with the lack of roughage but the flavours I feel would make a great base to a fantastic dish. I would like to note that these are very oily, VERY oily. I was very confident while eating that smooth poopin’ was ahead. The noods had a great flavour but it just lacked depth; I think adding things would fix this, throw in some crispy chicken, an egg, chives and such, you got an A class Ramen.

What a great looking block!

The heat level was not too much of a concern, it wasn’t a low heat, I would suggest it was a low medium. The oil carried the spice well across the mouth leaving a subtle mouth sting.

Again; so fancy. Only missing some roughage

I would gladly come back to this ramen, it has a foundation to be great. I just wish they had roughage, some dried onion, something.

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

I have never performed a quicker poop. The oil content had this slippin’ and sliding right out. No sting, no burn, just slipped right out.

0 flames best poop yet.

 I’m starting to see a trend here from Taiwan; they have some of the fanciest noodle blocks in the business. They also really like soy sauce (who doesn’t though right?). I have to say that the salty dark stuff was really the star of this dish and the heat really did come through at a comfortable level. The noodles were outstanding; they took a while to cook but boy did they taste great! Perfect spring to them, nice and chewy yet also brittle; fantastic noods. They could have provided some dehydrated veggies or something to make this really work as a standalone though.

That oil seemed to have done a number on me! At around 11pm I had poops flying out my rear like crazy for a good 30 minutes! it was like the doors opening on Black Friday and my poo was all the crazy shoppers eager to get into the store. Slimy and fast moving accompanied by a bit of sting; I really didn’t expect that from these! Was definitely re-evaluating things for a bit there. Moderate regret for me.

4 flames; this oily treat doubles as an efficient poo lubricant.

 Taiwan seems to be rebelling against the 1 packet policy here with a grand total of two packets here – one with the now inevitable soy sauce, and one with some variety of szechuan style chilli oil. The combination of these two is great, the noods are spot on, the only part where I feel this dish is is lacking is the absence of any roughage – this baby is all sauce.

That lack of roughage will provide you with some smooth, cleansing poops, I went roughly 3 times that night at equal measure – I’m going to start a MLM company based entirely off eating these for a month! #mynoodlyjourney #n00dcleanse

3 flames – you’ll be a busy ‘un that night, don’t plan anything vital.

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