Paldo Bolkeino Kkokko Bokkeummyeon (Volcano Chicken Fried Noodles)

Country of Origin: South Korea

This is one spicy sketti meatball


This dish evokes some great memories of eating tinned spaghetti, it just tastes like burnies as well.

As soon as I opened the sauce packet for this, I was hit with the familiar pungent scent of some hot,hot sauce. Dark memories of the 2x noodles filled me, and I was filled with an almost instinctual level of dread, ramen related PTSD is a thing kids. This dish also includes a ramen favourite: seaweed and sesame!

The taste is…. unexpectedly tomato-y, almost but not quite like Heinz tinned spaghetti, just with a real kicker – the spice levels on this are very comparable to the fiery chicken n00ds.

The noods themselves were great quality, thick and wheaty, taking a while to soak up the water. They did however struggle to hold a lot of the sauce, I found I was constantly rolling the noodles around in the bowl to evenly redistribute the sauce and not leave myself a puddle of pain at the bottom, which honor would dictate I would have to drink. All in all a great tasting noodle, if you’re thinking of a bit of an aussie/korean fusion, look no further.

Decent size block; nice gauge
The sauce and the garnish sachet
The bowl. Nom nom

Here is our resident guinea pig/soft-cock Nic finishing up a plate of these because we like torturing him (NSFW; he has a filthy mouth he does!):

And here he is drinking milk:

Heat Level
Taste Level

The Aftermath

Well n00dists, I’ve made it to 3pm the following day without any frightening stories to tell you, other than a bit of rushy-rush to the toilet at 9pm last night these didn’t really give me a lot of trouble. Not one to have if you’re looking at a long night doing stuff, but I can vouch for the aftermath.

4 stars, they’ll make you go, but it won’t hurt. Much.

 I had to miss the boat a little here. The joys of call centre life means sometimes ramen has to take a short back seat. Luckily I found the time to ingest the volcano. Packaging is similar to the competitions super hot ramen, the ramen alone (I tend to break bits off as it cooks to test how the cooking is progressing) tastes fantastic, I approve of this noodle block. Mixing brings a fantastic tomato-ey aroma, doesn’t smell THAT hot. First mouthful, its hot but nothing concerning. Half way through, when did this get so spicy? Towards the end it was practically on par with our favourite fire noods. Flavour, i enjoyed thoroughly, it was sweet, it was spicy it was tomato-ey. If these become available in Australia, I think I’ll be frequently consuming the volcano. I just hope the volcano isn’t what happens 8 hours later.

Poops will come, poops will go; This one went. There was heat to it, not uncomfortable heat though. I feel this would be a great ramen for the winter. The poop warmed the posterior. No spray, no pray, just a warm warm poop.

3 flames. No burn, just a warm sensation.

So these are a pretty clear stab at the Samyang Fire Noodle market; from the packaging to the flavour and the included seasoning. I love me a hot ramen so I was excited to dive in; while not as good flavour as Samyangs effort these do bring the head in spades! It’s a very close call as to who has the hotter treat here; Samyang’s feels more immediately hotter but as you work through this bowl the burn increases exponentially; I think these may top Samyang’s Buldak Bokkeummyeon (obviously not the Haek! That is still supreme champion). This will be something to revist!

So most of the night consisted of loud, pungent, rumbling farts. I think I hit all the octaves; all of them. There was no stomach cramps, no pre-diarrhea feelings of anguish or urgency, no physical regret; just a hell of a lot of stinky farts. At this point I’m thinking “Hey, if farts are your thing and you want to impress ‘da boyz’ then eat these before you hang out; you will be the life of the party”.

Well, 9.30pm rolls around (exactly 10 hours after eating them) and I spoke to soon; stomach cramped up and I ran for the bowl! A loud, wet, and fast ejection straight into the back of the bowl. It was a bit stingy, it stank, and it was regretful. Guess the volcano has erupted!

5 flames; I’m cool with the farting but this gave me a false sense of security! Eruption abound!

Overall Porcelain Punishment Level

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