Ottogi Jin Ramen Spicy

Country of Origin: South Korea

The defacto standard (but not for Nic!)


Here we go, the brightly coloured packet is making me feel like this is going to be nothing! lets hope they prove me wrong and burn on the way down and the way out šŸ˜‰

A massive block, it was actually so annoying having this block so big as our bowls were just too small and meant we would have to either leave it, or break the block in half; I chose to leave it and see what happens.

Not to my surprise it took sometime to soak up; the noods were chewy and the kick to the back on my mouth was present so I was thinking we might be in for some trouble here! But I was wrong, overall they were good! The heat was very good but I guess today I was just wanting something to kick me back to the day I ate a Carolina reaper and regretted it; but I was sadly let down.

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The Aftermath

Well boy was I in for a ride, I could feel the churn coming from the moment I sat in my car about to drive home, it was fast and it was furious! I got home and almost instantly planted my bottom on the toilet seat and it was not going to be moving anytime soon. The double flush is what really set it apart from the others

8/10 for the burnĀ 

We figured it was time we got to these; Jin Ramen has quite a rep in the ramen world and we had yet to review their spicy varient. I’ll be brief; noodle block is square which annoys me but they hydrate pretty quickly and have a great texture. Veggies soak up well, theres some spring onion and mushroom (great!) and the broth has a great hearty beef tone. Great level of spice too; sufficient mouth sting and a little bit of sweat. This is Goldilocks and the three bears. This is just right.

Overall this could be the defacto standard for what ramen should taste like. It’s not mind blowing, it’s not subpar. Its spicy ramen. And it does that extremely well. I’m not sure what Nic’s problem with these were but Josh and I are overriding him and saying these are delicious. Nic is just a grumpy little bastard today.

For me the evening wasn’t too bad. Definitely some rumbles and stinky farts, and only one bathroom visit (but no sting). I’d say a comfortable 3 for this one.

3 flames!

So we have had these bad boys sitting in the noodle drawer for many many moons and it was finally time to get a taste of The spicy variation of Jin Ramen. Very thick noodz but surprisingly, they cooked through really quickly, I’m not even sure how that is possible. They didn’t turn to sludge after sitting for a little while, top marks there Ottogi!

Flavour wise, I am quite impressed with Jin Ramen, they are indeed spicy, they are extremely tasty and I will be coming back many times in future (regret pending). The roughage quantity is great, the portion size, great. Just a great noodle all round.

Regret wasn’t any concern. I had some butt itches after my lavatory trip but aside from that, wasn’t a bad trip to the loo.

1 Flame for the butt itches.

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