Yum Yum Asian Cuisine Grilled Chicken Flavour Thai Hot and Spicy

Country of Origin: Thailand

This is one spicy meatball


We are back! Sorry for the hiatus; I actually had a week off in Bali getting drunk and eating many non-ramen foods. But we are back on this review thing now with another from our friends in Thailand; Yum Yum!

Who doesn’t love grilled chicken? And Thai Hot & Spicy? Yes please! Let’s dive in!

So the color of the oil that comes with these puppies is a little off-putting; almost like its going off and mouldy. Not a good start.

Steep was relatively quick, noodles seem like the better end of the Thai spectrum (Thai instant noodles tend to be crumbly) and they actually cooked alright! They actually have a nice spring to them and I don’t mind them so much.

How do they fair with the flavour? Pretty darn well! Theres a nice lime hint in there along with the chicken flavour (I can’t tell if its grilled chicken persay, but it definitely tastes like chicken). I actually quite like these! I’m always a fan of mixing sour with savoury and these nail that pretty well.

Heat is definitely present but not much more than a tickle. It’s a tease; you naughty naughty noods.

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

Making sure I was careful not to eat anything else remotely spicy I figured I would be in for a normal evening; but these had a bit of unexpected regret. I was farting like a champ all night and on a few occasions had to head to the bathroom for fear of follow through. No sting – so my ring was safe – but a lot of gas. I wouldn’t say these are dangerousĀ  but they aren’t going to go down well if you have a business meeting in the evening (do they do those in evenings? I don’t even know)

4 flames; gas central

Rating Ramen’s regret, It’s been a while. Well well well, I was hoping for something epic to get us back in the game. I wanted a new best of contender, what we got, however, was yum yum’s Grilled Chicken hot and Spicy.

Don’t get me wrong, this was in no way bad, the flavour was good, the noodles were kind of thin, I just found them dry. After speaking with Kam about this, I seem to be alone on that. I could taste a slight touch of chicken, wasn’t too noticable if I’m to be honest. This is odd given that after eating and having the bowl sit next to me, all I can smell is Chicken.

There really wasn’t any spice here, like, nothing. I didn’t get a tingle, I didnt have to take my beanie off for the sweats. I think this could maybe be renamed to “Grilled Thai chicken flavour” and be fairly safe that no one will complain due to lack of warning about the heat.

I’m not going to lie, these gave me some spray. Burning was nil, but boy oh boy am I glad I didn’t risk a fart before sitting on the throne this morning. as I finished up, done the wipe, Round 2! more spray. I think the worst is over now but it was definitely unexpected

5 stars for Call of duty level spray.

And we are back!!!! I have been craving some spicy noods

And we start with this bundle of something I wish I didn’t put into my mouth, the taste was purely chicken flavor no heat, nothing. I was sadly disappointed with this meal… actually not a meal more like a snack, the only enjoyable part of this meal was the smell it gave the moment you opened the chicken flavor packet, and that is where it ends, was too much flavoring which dried out the dish.

This gave me no regret whats so ever, I am very disappointment and shocked this was made into a noodle packet

0/10 for regret – nothing was heard or smelt

Overall Porcelain Punishment Level

Community PPĀ Level


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