Paldo Namja Ramyun King Noodle Grande Format

Country of Origin: South Korea

Garlic Bowl


So we actually reviewed the packet version of these quite a while ago; I’m sure they were one of our first reviews. And we thought they were great! I saw these bowl versions and jumped at the chance for us to review this version.

So following the package directions (luke warm water filled to the line, and microwave) we actually end up with quite a lot of broth in this puppy! Way more than Paldo’s offering yesterday. I hope the taste is still there!

Yep…sure is! The noodles soak up the broth really well and you get a nice spicy garlic flavour. These are pretty fantastic. The Soup carries the bulk of the taste and is really a pleasure to consume. Nice mouth sting, lovely garlic taste carried through a really meaty soup base help make this dish a winner.

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

Seriously, I seem to be having an alright week! The night was completely uneventful. Not even a fart! Maybe I’m the odd one out with these because I hear Nic had a pretty bad time! But hey, for me, these didn’t cause any disruptions!

0 flames!

This must be paldo’s week, they are pushing out some really good dishes! When I grabbed these noodles from Kam’s desk he warned me there is a huge amount of liquid in these noods; i thought nothing of it… but once I made the dish it dawned on me how much is actually in there! BEWARE OF THE LINE!

I Chose to have the noods in the standard bowl that they give to you, I would really recommend going for a actual bowl; the standard ones actually keep the temp of the water too high and you will melt your face while trying to get the Delicious nectar that has been created.

For the Poop department, your in for some trouble with this, you’re gonna get stomach churning, the feeling of a fart coming but you know its not a fart, and then the almost sudden evacuation of your household the moment you plant your ass on the toilet seat.

7 Flames for the stuff you have to go through

This week has been Lit, fire AF, *Other young people terms that been great*. Aside from the sheer amount of liquid in these, they were delicious! a bit of a kick, a nice medium burn and throat tickle to accompany quite a deep in flavour broth, with Noodles that actually carry the flavour! Great job Paldo! you nailed this one! I feel very full after consumption (that may be full of water, not sure yet) I have a little residual mouth sting and my tummy is warm and content. I’m most satisfied.

I had no real problems in the poop department, a lot of gurgles and gas in the morning but the evac was smooth. No problems from this guy

2 for the gurgles.

Overall Porcelain Punishment Level

I don’t know what the hell is up with Nic but these average out as Minimal Regret. Nic; go see a doctor.

Community PPĀ Level


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