Paldo Namja Ramyun Fiery Garlic Taste

Country of Origin: South Korea

Vampire’s beware!


The pack said chilli garlic and oh boy was there garlic. I’m a pretty big fan of chilli (why else would I do this) but I am equally as big a fan of Garlic. The heat was tolerable I don’t think any of us really had to sit back and re-evaluate but it had a nice little after burn just to remind you that chilli was on the ingredients list. What was great about this ramen was the slap in the face of garlic gave it a great depth with the chilli. As with most spicy ramen, the broth is always going to be the variable that catches you off guard. You finish your noodles and think that’s all she wrote, only to be reminded by a bowl of chilli-garlic water that you have to chug down.

Heat: I’ll give this a medium, trying to keep in mind that others aren’t as enthusiastic about Chilli as myself and my colleagues, I feel this would be a fairly good rating. It wasn’t unbearably hot, the chilli was more of an after thought until you reach the chilli cordial of broth that remains

Tasty, tasty goodness.

There was Food.

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The Aftermath

The tummy gurgles hit me just as I was nestling up to play some video games, I managed to ignore it for 10-30 minutes before the inevitable run to the throne was necessary. I’m almost confident my body refused to process any of the nutrients of this ramen I feel like I did a solid weeks’ worth of poop in one sitting (or shitting, if you will). Nothing had to be forced, no burning, just a long sit down to clear the depths of my lower intestines with a slight odour of garlicy shit to the air. Due to the sheer quantity I’m going to rate this a solid 5pp. Nothing that couldn’t be handled just don’t eat it if you have to step out that evening at a moment’s notice (set aside a solid 20 minutes minimum to clear out the pipes)


I too loved the flavour of this! That garlic! (I am a HUGE garlic fan). I also thought I would be pretty home free in regards to punishment; I was feeling great by 7pm! Around 7.30pm i had that gastro-tastic feeling in my lower abdomen; I tried to brush it aside, maybe a fart will clear it, but after a small gas release I knew this was more. I had three trips over the course of the evening to the bathroom; two of these resulted in release. I would describe both as a rapid, stingy releases (the second was significantly more stingy than the first, but both exits were extremely rapid. I had to use the toilet brush). Luckily there were no repercussions in the morning. I guess that’s something.

This was a 6 flamer for me. Surprisingly regrettable for me. Don’t eat if you have to meet your girlfriend/wifes parents for dinner.

Garlicky goodness! This was a delicious bowl O’ Ramen, and to top it off I seem to have escaped any regrettable porcelain visits*, even topping off the day with some goat curry. Perfection if you’re in an Italian/Asian fusion mood – this broth is reminiscent of a minestrone but spicy, minestrone arrabiatta if you will.

*not a typical reaction compared to fellow reviewers.

2 flames for me, nice easy afterbite for the chilli aficionados, and a tasty introduction to the ways of Chilli-Fu for the uninitiated.

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