Paldo King Hot and Spicy Jumbo Bowl Noodle

Country of Origin: South Korea

That’s a huge meatball


Here we go again with the bowl noods. I’ll admit it; I am a massive fan of them and the flavour they provide into my mouth as well as my stomach region area. This nood was no exception! It was delicious! I loved this meal! I wanted more and more! Why do all good things have to come to an end? Why am I rambling?

Look at the size of this meal it is f#@king yuge, The design of the bowl is awesome as well; contains the heat and keeps the meal nice and warm for those who leave the dish for some time before eating it.

This meal was definitely a treat; Paldo have really hit the mark on this one. I actually rate this better tasting then the staple Mi Goreng, these went down like a treat (I keep repeating myself don’t I?) and left you with a slight tingle in your mouth.

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

Another one of the noods that are easy on the taste buds and easy on your rear end! I didn’t get anything not even a fart, let a lone one that felt or smelt different!. It was a decent meal and it produced nothing out of the rear end

0 Flames from this huge meal.

For a “Jumbo Bowl” I was expecting more noodles; but I’m pleasantly surprised by the amount of roughage included! Carrots, celery (I think) and some soy protein pieces. Good roughage game!

These smell pretty great! Taste is also on point; I can’t put my finger on the flavour though. There is a bit of tang, a nice level of spice (nothing too crazy so this is very accessible) and a hearty stock base (I really can’t tell if this is beef or not. I think it’s supposed to be beef). Either way it tastes great! Flavour holds reasonable well in the noodles, and the soup tastes really fantastic. I would recommend for sure!

So these puppies did give me a lot of gassy movement all evening; kinda stinky and not really great if you have company. Besides the wind there were really no downsides to this though! The next morning was just an easy breezy exit. Would eat again.

3 flames; maybe not great if you have a date but there is no discomfort.

Boy, oh boy! 2 extremely tasty noods in 2 days! What a great start to the week. The heat was a lot more managable and I’m pretty confident in saying it’s an entry level heat. The bits and pieces are here in spades! The flavour is good and hearty and I’ll agree with Kam in leaning towards a chilli beef flavour. If you see these, pick them up and you are sure to be happy, unless of course you are wanting your head blown off from chili.

I had some pretty big gurgles in the lower intestine this morning, and after preparing myself for a long visit to the lavatory, my fears were totally unfounded. I got in, I watched a ‘Hot Ones’ interview and I was out and ready for the day. Nice!

2 Flames for the concern raised by the gurgles.

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