Wingsfood Mi Sedaap Mi Segera Jelas Terasa Sedapnya Mi Goreng Perisa Sambal Goreng

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Look at that name; so long!


Here we go! Another Mi Goreng packet of noods! The moment we opened the packet up it gave off some really disgusting smell like something was wrong with the meal. It was a little off-putting.

It comes with the standard 3 sachets ready for your noods (technically it’s 5) as is par for the course with any Indonesian Mi Goreng variant; beware of the soy sauce as it doesn’t like to mix through too well. Our tip is to dump the sauce sachet in a cup of boiling water to help soften it up a bit

Pretty Average size block here nothing to complain about.

Look at that Mountain of onion! I think that’s what was giving off the foul smell; is it possible for dried onion to be expired?

The noods were actually good; I would eat these again! The spice was there like a pimple and the taste was your average Mi Goreng Nood flavour. Lets see how they fair with the rear end!

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

Here we are thinking everything was okay, I got off the train heading home and it hit me, I was holding back the flood of poop in my bowels, I quickly drove home didn’t even say hello to my house mates and disappeared to the toilet for 20 minutes I was planted on that seat like no tomorrow. Here I was wondering what had gone wrong, what did I eat that has caused this evacuation of my bowels; it must of been those pesky onions on the noods

Overall the poop was long and annoying took me about 5 minutes to recover and clean up

8 Flames – Beware of the onions

Oh my; what a very long product name. We haven’t reviewed a Wingsfood variety nood in quite a while so you will need to forgive me if I have forgotten how they fared. I’m pretty stoked we get to review another Mi Goreng style nood; I love those things.

So the nood block was the usual fare – nothing to write home about – and the packets of goodies were a plenty! Smell was a bit off though; reminded me of Quail eggs (yeuch!). Flavour wise these were actually pretty decent! Nice level of spice (still low, but more than Indomie) and the onions were plentiful and crunchy. Would eat this again. But maybe I’ll cover my nose next time.

Well I had a bit of trouble in the afternoon; hadn’t even left the office and I spent about 30 minutes in the toilet squeezing out water. Wasn’t that nice. The evening wasn’t too terrible; I did have to position myself on the bowl on more than one occasion for fear of soiling myself otherwise, but there was no burn. I think something was off with these noods.

4 flames. Didn’t enjoy the after-effects.

I think I’m alone in my lack of enjoyment for this Mi goreng style nood. There was just something that I didn’t enjoy. I was cooking alone on this one. It could have been just me not doing the things right. I got a weird anise-like taste from this, I’m alone on that I think. Upon writing this, I have found my taste buds to be broken I had to check several times to make sure my milk in my coffee wasn’t out of date. I’m probably not the most reliable when it comes to flavour right now. I’ll state that they cooked well, initial flavour was okay but the aftertaste for me and my broken taste buds was displeasing.

Regrets were nil, I forwent my evening poop and thought that might cause disaster next morning, nothing. It was a good movement happened in good time and was able to stay to finish watching my “let’s play” video as there wasn’t really a lot of odour.

0 regrets.

Overall Porcelain Punishment Level

Community PPĀ Level


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