Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton Sweet and Spicy Flavour

Country of Origin: Philippines

This is one small block!


What the golly gosh is this! look at the size of the block my fist is bigger then this thing, this isn’t a meal this is a snack for a 10 year old!

The moment I opened the seasoning sachet I got the smell of pure sweetness, what is this!

Gonna have to say the photo makes it looks worse then what it really is, pictures speak a thousand words? This picture is speaking the wrong ones!

They were actually really good! Like they had a hit behind them; almost bite the curb worthy!

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Well this is a slight disappoint, not even a pep, like nothing not even a fart out of the ordinary! This is a weak effort on the behalf of these guys.. or is it a good effort  i can never tell what we aim for with these reviews

0 flames; like I said nothinggg

Well I never thought it would happen; Lucky Me came with an instant nood that actually packed flavour! We had grown to be disappointed with these guys so we came in with low expectations but boy were we wrong! I would eat these again! A great sweet soy flavour with sufficient Chilli hit. Only problem is the small serving size; Lucky Me need to sort that out!

Well I did have a bit of gas from this; more wind than Chicago but no bathroom rush or sore stomach. I’ll go with a solid 2 for regret.

2 flames; gas outbound!

Lucky me have been a little disappointing up until this point. I’m pleased to say these were pretty good. Definitely sweet, definitely a bit of spice. I wouldn’t say it was enough to merit medium but certainly a high-low heat. Noodle cake’s from lucky me have usually been gritty/grainy these weren’t that, texturally nice, good flavour, little chili hit; good work Lucky Me!

I felt zero urgency from this, no more gaseous than usual. Not a bad job done by Lucky me! You have somewhat redeemed yourself

0 Flames.

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