Mamee Chef Perisa Tom Yam Thai Creamy Tom Yam Flavour

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Mamee said knock you out!


We love our Mamee. They have yet to disappoint (Ok, it’s 2 for 2 but that’s still a good run) so I’m super pumped to try these; even better that they are Tom Yam flavour!

Noods were a bit busted (my fault, should have checked the packets before I bought) but a lot of additions! Crispy veggies, a few prawns, plenty of seasoning and a lovely thick paste all came together to make a fragrant, and fantastic tasting dish! It’s got that Authentic Tom Yum taste; citrus and spicy.

I am yet to come across a Tom Yum nood that disappoints; this one will be added to the collection of near flawless packet noods. Well done Mamee! Well don!

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The Aftermath

Well apart from some light wind-breaking over the course of the evening and a pretty solid poop there was no real regret. The wind-breaking was a nuisance but I’ve experienced worse.

Pleasantly surprised; I can add this to my repertoire of go-to noodles.

1 flame; the farting was a minor annoyance.

When I made this nood i was not a fan of the smell! and i was not a fan of the fact that my noods were broken into over 9000 pieces!

The smell grew on me and the taste was amazing! the spice was certainly there I was at the start saying it was low but then it got hotter and hotter so here we are making it a medium! would recommend this to everyone TBH

There was only the farting for this one, I didn’t even do my usual poop when I get home from work 🙁

2 i kept farting while i was playing games and it was putting me off

Okay, so I’m starting to maybe like seafood flavoured ramens? I’m not sure, this was enjoyable. A nice slow controllable mouth burn with a refreshing citrus hit, everything you know and love about Tom Yam, even the inclusion of itty bitty shrimps, Nice!

My one complaint here, was the portion size was a little small. I am trying to eat a little less lately but I feel this will have me searching for snacks come 3:00.

Wow, I pooed, a lot! I’m not sure how such a small ramen block generated such a large amount of fecal matter. I was genuinely impressed, so much so that I’m taking a flame off of what I would be giving a 5. Every time I thought I was done, more. This happened the night of and the morning after, It was intense.

5 – 1 = 4.

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