Indo Mie Mi Goreng Fried Noodles

Country of Origin: Indonesia

We keep it one hunned!


Well well well; we made it! We finally got to 100 reviews; you thought it would never happen, heck I thought it would never happen. Shoot, I thought the first 100 we would get to was “It took Steve 100 days to finish his review”; but nope, 100 reviews. And what better way to celebrate than to review the classic Indonesian Aussie staple; Indomie Mi Goreng!

This is actually the photo from our last review; because it looks EXACTLY the same.

So as always Indomie have the goodies down pat; Seasoning, Oil, Chili Sauce, Soy Sauce, and Fried Onion. The block is an acceptable size and lends well to soaking; in fact most aussies make their Mi Goreng this way (without a pan).

Noodles have a fantastic texture once hydrated, the flavour is authentic with a small hit of spice and MSG goodness; every mouthful brings back memories of being broke, studying, and also memories of last week when I ate these last.

Overall low heat, but a great taste. I actually think these are pretty damn fine noodles.

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Well, what a great way to celebrate 100 reviews! No pain, no struggle, no burning, and no complete regret of my existence. Mi Goreng is a staple for a reason; if people experienced constant poo explosions it probably wouldn’t be the first choice for most struggling students.

0 flames!

What’s to say, we made it to 100. Nice, to all the people in the office that doubted us that are still reading, look at us now! I was extremely happy that indomie mi goreng was our 100th review, it is the yard stick for a lot of reviews, it is the favourite of the money sensitive. The staple for millennials because fancy food means we can’t afford housing.

I feel that we have reviewed this a good 20 times over, it has been mentioned in almost every mi goreng review, it’s the best measure of comparison. 5 satchets, separate chilli for those with a sensitive tongue/rectum. I can never foul indomie’s mi goreng, you know what you’re getting and its always great.

I could have written the regret portion of this yesterday, I knew there would be no regret. I’ve been here a million times before, there is nothing to be concerned about.

0 flames.

Well well well here we are, with the classic staple of nood, everyone has there different way for making these fantastic noods mine is to break the block up and devour them that one rather then keeping them all together but alas i have to stick to the classic way just to please the other peeps

Pretty run of the mill noods, heat is pretty much not here, so to answer my question for review #99 yes there is a difference when comparing SuperMi to these ones!

What regret? This is a 0

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