MyOri Malaysia Penang White Curry Noodle Mee Kari Putih Penang (dengan Ramuan Semulajadi)

Country of Origin: Malaysia

(Not) White Curry.


For gods sake.

No, I’m serious; this name is longer than Jay-Z’s money. Do you know how annoying it was to make the feature image for this article? Don’t ask. I’m mad. These better be good.

So the package does say “Super Spicy” on the side, so I do have somewhat high expectations for the heat level of these; it’s been a while since we have managed to get something really hot in our hands (as witnessed by the copious reviews with minimal regret recently; I’m sorry guys, I know you deserve better).

That’s a lot of paste

Package is definitely premium; I mean, these look like a premium ramen. The block itself appears to be standard packet-noodle fare, and there is a hefty dose of fish/curry paste supplied. Smells pretty good to be honest and the dish looks positively frightening. Smells pretty spicy too.

It actually looks like death; very creamy death

Texture wise, wasn’t the biggest fan of the noodles; very grainy in texture and it’s not something I’ve ever experienced before. The flavour is definitely an authentic Malaysian curry (not white) and the soup was definitely tasty. It’s not really that hot at all though; for a package that says “super spicy” I was really expecting more. Hell, Shin Ramyun is spicier than this! It just feels like it’s missing something. Overall, very meh dish that had a lot of wasted potential.


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The Aftermath

I got nothing from these; to be honest I was thinking there would be something. Not so much from the spice which was pretty average but just because the broth looked absolutely disturbing. I went home, ate some spaghetti, watched a few episodes of Helix on Netflix, then went to bed. Didn’t even poop in the morning…in fact I still haven’t pooped. A safe treat, but one you won’t really enjoy all that much!

0 flames

Josh no Like! I had to mix these all lonely as my colleagues toddled off without me. Lonely in the break room making noodles that smelt of fish.

If you are a frequent reader, you will most likely know I’m not a fan of fish flavouring/fish sauce and this noodle helping was exactly that.

Each mouthful was followed by the after taste of fish sauce, I would constantly think, ah this isn’t so bad, gross fish sauce. This repeated all the way through. I was confused, my tastebuds were grumpy and I wished it was just end The noodles were weirdly gritty and at the end of my broth, it was like drinking sandy water.

0 Regerts, I pooped really well this morning. It wasn’t even overly stinky. Just a sit down, watch a youtube video, wipe and leave situation. The only positive experience I really had with this nood.

0 flames.

Bowl of death to a bowl of meh-th. These guys were all show and no go for this dish. The completed broth is a hellish red coloring, that strikes a fear into the gut of the roving ramenite for the next morning. Upon eating however, the spice level is just… not really there. I would struggle to rate these even a medium, but medium we did. The noodles have an almost chalky aftertaste, don’t really hold the broth at all, and the broth itself is kind of flat. Not much of a curry at all. Afterburn was as much of a non-event as the dish, doesn’t show up on the ramen-dar at all.

0 flames, not noticeably bad at all.

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