#RAMENLABS – Toasted Fire Snacks Round 2!!


  • 1 Packet of Samyang Haek Buldak Bokkeummyeon
  • 1 Spray can of Olive Oil

So as you guys know I chucked up a recipe for toasted fire snacks a little while ago; I actually made them again using Nuclear Fire Noodles and they were a lot better! But what I wanted to try with this one was a different method of cooking them to see if the heat can be more evenly spread.

It’s pretty basic so if you can’t follow the instructions I don’t even know how you made it this long on this earth. So here we go.


Step 1: Preheat your oven to 200 degrees celcuis and get your ingredients ready
Step 2: Cook your noods in some boiling water until soft.
Step 3: Drain and add the sauce sachet. Mix like crazy.
Step 4: Spread the noods out on a lined and greased baking tray.
Step 5: Spray the noods with the oil and pop in the oven for 15 minutes.
Step 6: Break them up into a bowl; eat


Delicious! They basically turn out the same as the last ones except the death is more evenly distributed for a consistent heat. The Bits are smaller (that’s what she said), but that’s ok; you can just chuck a handful in your mouth at a time. Mmmm. Tasty tasty death.

Final Thoughts

Just make them. Now. You can actually use any noods; try your favourite packet! But I recommend using the Nuclear Noods; go hard or go home.

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Thanks for reading! Stay tuned this week as we get back to our regular ramen regret reviews!