Samyang Buldak Bokkeummyeon (Hot Chicken Flavour)

Country of Origin: South Korea


Dredged from the depths of hell, my current theory is that this sauce is made from the blended bodies of demons. This is one hot, yet delicious puppy. The taste is only improved by the seaweed and sesame sprinkles, leaving a delicious savoury taste before the heat kicks you in the head.

Samyang Buldak Bokkeummyeon
What a glorious mess. This looks pretty safe…

But fear not, brave Ramen adventurer! While this noodle will beat your mouth like you owe it money, and you will seriously consider drinking hot water to cool down – there is no regret.

Heat Level
Taste Level

The Aftermath

I don’t know how they managed to do it, but the crazy bastards who concocted this vehicle of culinary violence have somehow managed to avoid the usual porcelain destruction that follows. The aftermath is a mild, controllable evacuation with some tingling around the exit area. No muss, no fuss.

Regret rating: 1.

Oh boy these are tasty. It’s almost as if Samyang are saying “To experience the ultimate pleasure you must also experience the ultimate pain”. These. Taste. Fantastic. Intense flavour, and Intense pain around the mouth area; by the time I was finished with my bowl my tongue felt like there were a thousand tiny men with cigarette lighters burning at my taste buds. These are hot. Sufficient amounts of perspiration also accompanied my experience; please see the below close-up photo of my bald head to get a better idea of how much work my body was doing to combat the heat.

Samyang Buldak Bokkeummyeon - Kam Sweat
The heat is real with this one. Body working overtime.

Regret factor was super low! About 6 or 7 hours after consumption I did have a brief minute of gastro-like pain in my stomach; I was worried this could be bad. Nothing the passage of gas from my rectal area didn’t relieve. After this it was smooth sailing all night. Even had a great nights sleep and didn’t need to rush to the bathroom the next day. NO idea how they did this but this is a 1 flamer for me too. All it gave me was a brief bout of gas. Great Job Samyung!

This is a 1 flamer for me. Safe to eat if you have any big plans later!

Wowee, what a tasty treat. The amazing flavour equal to the burn of the oral area. Slurp with caution. I would say that if you intend on eating these noodles on your work lunch break make sure you don’t have any meetings, because the endorphins will leave you spacier than house of cards. The regret, however, was LOW. No burning was felt but the gas was next level. About 5-6 hours after consumption while I waited in my car for my partner, I felt the rumblings of urgency. I risked it like the true gambling man I am. What followed was one of the longest and loudest farts I think this world has seen, followed by an equally terrifying smell. The urgency ended after the release and was soon forgotten. I gleefully strolled into the toilet the next morning with a skip in my step. I pooped with confidence, no burn, normal consistency.

2 Flamer; the fart was quite pundgent.

Overall Porcelain Punishment Level


This gets our Porcelain Pal seal of approval! Stellar effort Samyang!


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