Indo Mie Rasa Kari Ayam Chicken Curry Flavour

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Not much here; move along.


So to help us decide which delicious ramen we will review each day we invented the worlds first “Wheel of Ramen”; it’s a big wheel with lots of numbers basically. We numbered all our noods and spun the wheel. Fate decided we should review these babies today.

I forgot to take a photo of the noodle block; it’s basically your standard Indonesian noodle block. Not too big, acceptable gauge, nothing surprising there.

Nothing spectacular

I know this is supposed to be a curry dish but I’m not expecting much heat out this…I was dead right. I will give credit where credit is due; I can detect spice. The flavour is definitely chicken but very muted really; I’m not that impressed. Its reminiscent of our earlier review of the Rasa Gulai Ayam, just with less flavour. And less over-all goodness. A firm “meh” for me. The failure to include any kind of roughage was disappointing too.

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

So there was a bit of confusion with this one; about an hour after eating I had an emergency loo-rush. But it wasn’t because of these; it can’t have been. I actually ate two packets of the Ve Wong Fried Noodles with Mexican Chilli on Sunday for lunch and – while as you can see in our review – one packet had no regret, two packets definitely did. I had the runs all evening. I think this was the final instance of regret from that experience.

After that there was nothing; I did have a few toots in the evening (a little smelly) but no pains, no explosions, no crying in the corner of the bathroom. Relatively safe. I’ll give a 1 just because I can’t for sure say if the toots were from these or the poor choices I made on Sunday.

1 flame!

I have been partial to Indomie since I first began eating ramen (it’s the staple here in Australia) and I was keen to try their other flavours given the quality of their Mi Goreng. Open the packaging, familiar block of noods but sadly my oil sachet had exploded along its travels. Mixed up all that I could and noticed the broth was very translucent. Perhaps I’m judging a book by its cover, perhaps its full of flavour, perhaps its Indomie ramen chicken comsommé. After the first taste I realised it wasn’t any of the above; it was like chicken and noodle continental cup of soup but somehow less punch of flavour. What about heat? It has very little. I now understand why the shelf in the supermarket is never running low on this flavour.

Regret wise, not a peep. I wish there was something note worthy to mention about any aspect of this dish. This may actually be the least exciting ramen we’ve had.

0, as exciting coming out as it was going in.

Okay Indomie, let’s see what you’ve got.  We have the familiar 3-sachet package and the Indomie logo bringing back happy memories of moderate poverty; but unfortunately it didn’t really translate into flavour, or excitement, or really anything beyond warm stuff to put in your mouth to be honest.

This was a bit of a letdown as we were expecting (and were sold) a chicken curry, which conjures in the mind a thick, tasty, hot sauce. But what we got was a watery, slightly chicken flavoured broth with noodles scattered throughout, a miniscule amount of heat, and a happy butthole from the nonexistent regret.

0 flames, and a no from me – I’d rather go hungry.

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