Mi ABC Selera Pedas Rasa Gulai Ayam Pedas

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Always read the packet.


I learned a valuable lesson today; don’t always rely on the serving suggestion for making your noods. I mean, look at the packet; that fork on the right is making it pretty clear these are a stir fry nood (the noodles have lots of little chilli specs and slices clinging to them for dear life). I think it’s almost close enough to call this misleading advertising. Isn’t there some sort of standards authority in Indonesia?

Pretty standard Indonesian noodle block

So anyway, I mixed these up Mi Goreng style because I’m uncultured swine; Initial thoughts were that these taste delicious but have waaaaay too much salt. Good thing something clicked when I tasted all of that sodium and knew something was amiss; I should probably add water. I had already disposed of the packet but a quick google search showed me a meal I am very familar with; Gulai Ayam.

Looks…like food

OK so good thing I had only had one mouthful; I added in the water and hey presto, not as bad now! The salt now seems to be at the correct level but the flavour still just didn’t wow me. I do give it points for actually resembling Gulai Ayam (more so the aftertaste); but what makes this dish good is the actual chicken part (which this had none of).

Average noods, and very low heat. These actually would make a more delicious stir-fry (sans the salt) or would really pop with some actual chicken pieces chucked in.

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

To be honest I’m not sure how much of this was residual regret left over from the Stew Buldak; no real stomach pains but there was a very runny movement around 8pm. A short one. The rest of the night was completely uneventful except for me playing Far Cry Primal on the Xbox One. Great game.

There was another morning explosion at 7am requiring a lot of tissue; but, no sting was present. I really think these had minimal effect on my intestines but I will give it a 2 just in case.

2 flames; nothing much to worry about here except some runny poo.

So Broth? did it say broth on the packaging? are we dumb? I ate 60% of these in a fried style and wowee, was this salty. Saltier than the dead sea. I powered through them! The flavour was great; I enjoyed it despite how salty they were. After adding (what I thought) was an equivalent amount of water to add some broth to the 40% remaining noodle, I was let down; things just got diluted and kind of average. I vote: don’t follow instructions for these noods, it’s better flavour, it’s salty, salt contains electrolytes and electrolytes is what the body craves!

I didn’t expect myself to regret anything with these noods aside from adding the water at the consumption stage. I am please to report, nothing. Perhaps my body was in shock from brothy fire noodles, perhaps my bowels just required some disciplinary action? Who knows? I will admit, the poops were quite stinky but, aside from that, Nothing really to report

1 for the smell.

Yeah, I just ate them entirely dry. I am either retarded, or incredibly hydrated from all my electrolytes. Or both. In my defense I’d had a little too much coffee and not enough sleep. These were pretty meh for me – either the salt overpowered my tastebuds or they were still recovering from the brothy fire of Samyang.

I didn’t get much of a chilli flavour from these, almost more sweetness than heat, or taste for that matter. To accompany this meh attitude I seemed to lack any regret, beside some fluff in the toilet and a double trip that night.

2 flames, nothing you can’t handle.

Overall Porcelain Punishment Level

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