Yum Yum Tom Yum Kung Creamy Flavour

Country of Origin: Thailand


At first I thought I’d f**ked the cooking of this ramen, the packet is…. esoteric in its instructions, and light on friendly pictures for the silly farang. Preparing this is a bit nerve wracking, as the flavour sachets do not appear to be mixing well with the water so you could be excused for thinking this is a ‘dry’ noodle. However further perusal of the packet left me fairly confident, as did the flavour – definitely Tom Yum, I think. The broth really fails to pick up the creamy appearance of Tom Yum, more of a Tom Crum. Flavour wise I definitely get the sour flavours we know well, however again the creamyness is lacking in the soup, and the spice could go up a notch, but all in all it’s nothing terrible.

I can smell the ‘tom yum’, see the ‘creamy’, let’s see about the ‘flavour’

The noodles themselves reflect the soup itself: Not bad, but not great either. Thin noodles that tend toward the mushy side after the prep, and they lacked the adhesion to the soup to drag any flavour out.

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

My aftermath was indistinguishable from the usual hellish scenes in my bathroom, so I’d go so far as to say no regret.

0 flames, almost disappointing.

I wasn’t sure what these were – there is no English on the packet (not even a sticker) – but I was excited to try these; when I saw them in the asian grocer I was drawn in by the tearful woman on the packet. Was she crying because these are too spicy? Or was she crying because of the regret? Who knows; we will find out. Right away i smelt something familiar when I opened them; TOM YUM! I love that stuff and these things didn’t disappoint on taste front; spicy and sour. Just as expected. Not much spice though; definitely a manageable low heat. This is something your kids could probably enjoy too. Awesome flavour; just wish the noodles were better and more plentiful.

I’ll be honest, I was still feeling some ramifications from the Shin Ramyun yesterday as I went in to eat this, so I wasn’t sure how accurate my input would end up today. That being said there was no regret from these babies. All previous day regret had gone by about 2pm and there was nothing but a few farts in the evening. I don’t fart like that every evening; so I’ll give these a 1. Extremely safe to eat.

1 flame; no hazmat required.

Overall Porcelain Punishment Level

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