Nissin Mikuya Ramen Tori Kara Flavor Rasa Ayam Pedas

Country of Origin: Indonesia

A great dish with a little something Nissin.


So this is another one my better half brought back from Indonesia for us to review; this one appears (from the cover) to be a creamy kind of chicken (ayam) based broth. Exciting! Let’s crack these open!

Sorry; I added the water before I took this photo.

I was so excited for these that I completely forgot to take my phone to the kitchen, and also forgot to photograph the noods before adding the vegetable sachet and water. That’s why the photos are kinda washed out and crappy looking; we had to use an iPhone. My bad.

The nood block was ample in size, and the egg noodles were a pleasant surprise; really makes a change from the usual standard noods you get in these packages. They also hydrated nicely; each bite feeling sufficiently firm but exactingly chewy. Good Nood.

We used Nic’s iPhone for these photos. I regret it

The dish also had these large vegetable protein chunks which look like beef or something; they were actually pretty darn good! The dish was accompanied by a nice little hit of spice, and a very tasty creamy chicken flavour (if not a little under-powering); this is basically cream of chicken soup in ramen form. Really nice.

It’s been ten minutes since finishing and the creamy chicken taste still lingers; I actually like it more now than I did while eating it. It really is a top ramen but it just falls short of being ‘delicious’; just dial up the chicken flavour a touch and you have a 10/10 dish for me!

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The Aftermath

So all was good until around 8pm when I started farting like a trooper, followed by a few stabs of abdominal pain. I decided to take this one to the loo straight away and that was a good idea; rapturous thunder erupted from my rear with and the poo shot straight into the bowl with sudden urgency. Not a long visit, and after everything left my bowels I was good for the rest of the night. Not my worst, not the cleanest; I give it a solid 3

3 flames

Here we go with something that looks like milk, Kam states that its just like a normal creamy ramen but I’m not a fan of the look; that being said this had some pretty good taste with it, and it is fucking yuge!

The spice is there but as the review has said its very low; the broth was quite good actually and I would eat this again and again!

Now the gross stuff; I did not do a poop last night, all I did was some farts. But these farts had some sting with them! I felt the fart. The fart stang.

4 rating for these bad boys as the sting hurts

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