Mamee Chef Perisa Ayam Pedas Shiitake Spicy Chicken Shiitake Flavour

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Mamee Mia…wait I’ve used this before haven’t I?


This puppies have been sitting on our ramen table for quite a while now; well their number is up! Time to review! I’m a fan of Shiitake mushrooms, and an even bigger fan of spicy chicken so here’s hoping for a decent meal!

Out the gate I was impressed with the amount of roughage provided; copious greens, red chilli and of course shiitake mushroom. The noodle cake was round (we love that as it’s bowl ready) but it did take a little longer than we liked to hydrate; not-so-instant noodles.

Flavour wise this nailed the chicken; probably the most accurate chicken ramen I have had. Had a real nice kick too and the noods held the flavour pretty damn well.

The best part was the broth; slurping that down was heavenly. It tasted like a spicy home-made chicken soup. Really delicious (and perfect timing because I have a cold right now).

I do recommend these on flavour alone; Fan-flipping-tastic. I sure hope the poo is just as good to me.

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Well well well….not a poo in sight. And I mean that; this thing gave me uber-constipation. I still haven’t pooed right now! I don’t know if I should be worried or not but I definitely don’t regret the meal and there is definitely no concern of rapid stingy poos with these!

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I’m impressed. These were fantastic, I’m not sure if it was the weather on the day we ate (rainy winters day) or if it was truly delicious but chili chicken and noodles is typically a good mix. Every mouthful held great flavour, the noodles werent overbearing on the chicken flavour and the broth, oh boy the broth, I want to eat this every time theres cloud coverage.

No poops from me. I’m on that opiate life right now so poops are few amd far between.

0 flames. Pooped like a rabbit.

These noods are the shiit. Tasty, meaty and warm, like chicken soup should be, rather than chicken twisties soaked in hot water (looking at you, Maggi).

We’ve got ‘shroom chunks, spring onion slices, and delicious brothy goodness, with enough heat to keep you interested and warm you even more on a chilly day.

It seems I differ from my fellow reviewers though, as my night was a horrorshow – up and down on the toilet, violently expelling weird floating… things. Not sure if it was part of the noods, or if I was actually sick – either way i’m rating this one as high regret.

7 flames, not insane, but will exasperate you to no end.

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