Choice Mi Goreng Flavoured Instant Noodles

Country of Origin: Australia

The wrong ‘Choice’ in your Mi Goreng needs


So, Choice is a budget brand here in Australia. They Make cigarettes and they make noodles now (they probably make other things too but these are two things I know for sure). The reason I mentioned cigarettes is because the flavour was extremely lacking, Almost as if I had no taste-buds from smoking.

Don’t get me wrong, these weren’t bad, they surprised us with how okay they were. but still I left the break-room underwhelmed. We agreed, this was better than Maggi, which is quite an issue for Maggi who have been doing noodles since before I was born. In a world where Indomie’s mi goreng is $.40 I cannot understand or rationalize anyone who would choose this brand of noodle.

I’d like to note that these did have a little tingle in the heat department, we outvoted Kam in his endeavor to give the medium mark and bullied him into submitting to Low, a high Low.

I don’t forsee any regret for this but in saying that, I have been surprised before.

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I Enjoy being right. Not even an inkling or regret. Probably one of the better BM’s I’ve performed lately. I’d recommend Choice Mi Goreng to the Elderly who desire to remain regular.

0 Flames.

Ah, good old budget Instant noodles; this is our first foray into bottom of the shelf budget noods and I for one am truly excited! I love me a good Mi Goreng; can ‘Choice’ hold a torch to the classic Indonesian staple or will they falter and fail? Let’s see. The package says “No Added MSG” so I’m not too confident (we all know MSG stands for “Makes Stuff Good”).

So these weren’t as horrible as I expected, and they actually packed more of a punch that I thought they would! The noodles were very bland but the texture was OK; the flavour wasn’t that strong reminding me a bit of the Lucky Me noods from the Phillipines. More flavour guys! All up, actually surprised they weren’t disgusting; it’s an average Mi Goreng though.

So not a stir all evening; if anything these noods provide a laxataive effect for the following morning. One of the speediest exits I have ever had in my life; my poo left the confines of my body with the utmost ease.

1 flame; no sting but it did make poo come out pretty rapidly the next day.

Here we are doing a 4 man review for what, Mi Goreng!?!?!?

All this Mi Goreng is making me upset because its ruining my love for these noods; I think i might go back Maggi Chicken noodles 😉

Anyway down to the review; just like all Mi Goreng it was a standard block but not a fan of the packets, why haven’t they make it easier for you to get the flavor out of without cutting them!!! #firstworldproblems #secondworldproblems #thirdworldproblems

They got the bite but really no bark behind them; I don’t think they are gonna make me feel uneasy at all!

Well, it’s a day later and I nearly forgot I actually had a review to do; not even a stir… All quiet on the western front!

0 Flames – not even a fart

Not my first Choice for ramen, this dish is pretty underwhelming, but not actively bad, like Maggi – seriously, f**k you Maggi.

The budget-ness of the packaging is evidenced by the difficult extraction of the soy… I can’t call it a sauce, because a sauce flows, this is more like a butter, same deal with the chilli paste, nearly a solid and hard to mix all around the dish, so you end up with clumps of paste mixed with noodles.

Thankfully this doesn’t result in any regret, not even a murmur from the behind, but why would you?

0 flames.

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