Paldo Hwa Ramyun Hot and Spicy Noodle Soup

Country of Origin: South Korea

Not the best post dentist meal


Well, This sucked. Only because I had a wisdom tooth out over the weekend. These had just enough spice to make my open mouth cavity a stinging throbbing mess. I could feel my mouth becoming progressively more inflamed throughout the afternoon. This was a nightmare. It was tasty, I enjoyed the crap out of these noods. I would almost rate as Delicious if there was just a little more depth to them. I like the slices of what I honestly thought and still think was hotdog. The Nood cake that Paldo provides is always just right. This means it saves Kam and I the walk to KFC which as Martha Stewart would say, is a good thing.

I was expecting the flavour sachet to be a paste for some reason, I’m not sure what I was basing this assumption on but was surprised to find a hot looking powder which was sure to be riddled with Chilli.

I will admit these were reasonably hot, they weren’t scorching and I would say most likely a medium in comparison to the other spicy ramen we have sampled but the open wound in the mouth mad this the toughest challenge yet.

Heat Level

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The Aftermath

Regret? Nothing poop wise, all happened according to plan. I would like to state that my mouth wound has been weeping ever since eating these; so these are great before a date, terrible for a meal after a tooth extraction. Learn from me.

3 flames for the mouth weeping.

Huzzah! Hwa! Finally! I’ve heard these are Paldo’s answer to Shin Ramyun; will it match Nongshim in taste and regret? Well I have the answer for the first question right now; No. It’s not as good as Shin Ramyun. It’s definitely tasty and there is a lovely kick to it but it’s not quite up there with Shin. I loved the dried fake meat in there though and it came with a great serving of dehydrated greens. Would eat again for sure!

So not really much regret from these; though I did have some gnarly farts in the morning. Real stinky ones. Surprised really, as these did pack a punch! Good job Paldo!

1 flame!

What’s Bruce Lee’s favourite ramen? Hwa!

This one also comes in second place to Shin for me, with the varied greens and slices of faux-meat making it a solid contender but it ends up getting edged out on taste alone.

Still a great dish, but for me it just lacked a heartiness that Nongshim do so well. It doesn’t slouch on the heat rating, packing a solid punch that will get whichever body part of yours that sweats the most running up a good head of steam. Not a huge level of regret, no stingy-ness although I did end up needing to revisit twice that night.

2 flames, you will return to the throne.

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