Wai Wai Quick Zabb Tom Klong Flavour Instant Noodles

Country of Origin: Thailand

I eat all the shrimp… because I’m a little shellfish.


Wai Wai do I do this to myself! Boy were these an experience! Alright let’s start off; very small noodle block again, more of a snack size pack. Mixed everything up and the shrimp just hits you smack bang in the face. Don’t get me wrong, I love shrimp however this was a very strong scent.

Taste was on par with the aroma, very shrimpy. In all fairness, there was lots of flavour to complement the thin and starchy noods. Looks like the different tastes layered themselves in the broth: shrimpy near the top then started getting the tangy lemon taste towards the bottom of the bowl. Would have been better if these were mixed from the get go. A solid medium for heat, definitely a bit of sweat and sting on the lips.

Overall a good dish, we all came to an agreement that the shrimp was a bit overpowering however the heat and tangy flavours saved this one! Now stay tuned for the aftermath.

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

Medium heat leads to zero to moderate regret right? Fucking wrong. Started to feel some abdomen burn around 4pm, standard. Had to get a mother’s day present so went to the shops; sweet mother of all things that are good in the world this was brutal. The pain got bad and I found myself losing my shit (literally) in the middle of the shops because of the poor planning and positioning, more specifically the large distance between throne rooms. Four porcelain visits and a really shitty present for mum (no pun intended here) later it had passed and I was in the green zone.

8 Flames, there was fear, lots of running and regret

Oh Josh isn’t gonna like this one! As seems to be the trend from Thai noodle manufacturers, the noodle block is small and appears to not be enough of a meal; but the flavours just pop. I really enjoyed this dish; strong shrimp flavour and a subtle hint of citrus really carried this dish. Fantastic bite too. I hesitate to give this “delicious” though; only because I feel the shrimp could be toned down just a little. Nevertheless a very strong dish I would be quick to recommend.

So I had some stomach pains around 4pm; resulted in a swift run to the bathroom and a fast, wet, stingy exit. Its about 5.30pm and I have those stomach pains again; I’m just about to head to the bathroom. I will provide a sit-rep upon return…OK it was hard to push out, and my stomach is still in pain. This is going to be bad I think; half way on the drive home I can tell I’m gonna feel like erupting and it’s going to be an immensely displeasing experience…Let’s see if I’m right.

OK so the drive home wasn’t too bad; I coped but I did feel like I could blow at any minute. Those cramps pretty much lasted all night but there was no more poo to be seen…all up a pretty bad evening.

7 flames; I’m really not happy about this

Shrimp flavour overload. So much taste of shrimp. I didn’t hate it but my opinions don’t hold a lot of weight when it comes to seafood flavoured ramen. I found this to have less citrus to hide behind than other shimp/seafood flavours and I didn’t hate this all too much. I wouldn’t actively seek this for consumption but I wasn’t hugely disappointed with this offering. I like that the sachet included chili seeds and flakes and it certainly had a pretty decent bite. I’d never heard of Wai Wai before but I would be interested in trying some more of their offerings. Marketing directers of Wai Wai, if you are reading this please feel free to contact us to send us more samples.

I was confused discussing this with Kam in the evening. Both him and Andy had some stingy movements while I just had a standard poop. I went to bed confident that I had dodged a bullet. Morning after however, gee wizz, I felt the sting. I’m pretty confident that there was acid in this that had eaten away at my butthole. There was sting, there were some tears. I wouldn’t be so upset if it was an easy movement to make, but it took pushing. It was like trying to push razor blades out of my ass. High regret from a medium heat is one of the great paradox’s in the universe.

9 Flames. If it were a stingy quirt, I’d be talking a 7 but physically pushing to only receive a sting is a big no-no in my books.

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