Samyang Nagasaki Champong Red

Country of Origin: South Korea

And we are back baby!


Holy moly; a red packet! This has gotta be spicy right? We have been churning through many a pack that claims spice, but much like a newspaper escort what we get at the door is not what was advertised (I wouldn’t know, I’ve just heard). Maybe this will change today!

Not a lick of English on the packaging; these are clearly imported. Good thing I can tell from the photo it’s a broth-based nood and the numbers “550” are in english so I know how much water to add. Pretty sure we are golden.

Looks like a riot!

Impressive nood block – the standard from Samyang – and three generous looking sachets (well, 2, the oil one is tiny). The noods actually took a while to hydrate, so not a quick cook like most other noods.

Flavour was pretty damn good! Not an overpowering seafood flavour, and one hell of a kick! These are spicy; thanks to the oil the sting lingered on the lips like a bad case of herpies (a little longer than I would like). Roughage game in on point too; hydrate well and add the variety you look for in a packet noodle.

Kinda creamy; smells good!

All up a good quality nood that I would definitely eat again.

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

Pretty happy with these babies; I was expecting some afterburn or at least some gurgles but I got diddly squat! Heck, maybe Samyang really do have more hits than misses when it comes to spicy noods that don’t give you violent diarrhea. Good ones these are. No muss, no fuss.

0 flames!

Im not big on champong, its seafoody and just not my thing. That being said, this was okay, for the first time in a while we had some real heat. It wasn’t the hottest thing weve had by any stretch of the imagination but there was actual heat. I choked on this twice, drinking the broth the spice hit my airway and wow, i was so close to the entering the sweet sweet void. I somewhat enjoyed this, the seafood flavour still puts me off but im comfortable if my colleagues vote good to allow it.

Regerts were not present. I regret not letting the darkness consume me when i drowned a little on broth. Poops was normal aside from forming into solid blocks of concrete.

1 flameboye.

FULL CIRCLE. As we come back to the Champpong, I walked a trip down memory lane – Josh gagging at the flavours, the fishy smellz wafting across the break room (fuck, we’re those people), the fiery hot broths.

These noods are a tasty toedippeer into the big bad world of Champpong if you’re uninitiated. Not much fishyness, but a fair punch of heat – try not to inhale the broth. This is quite a tasty dish all things considered, would have again.

0 flames, didn’t notice a difference really.

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Samyang; champions of the bowl!

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