Paldo Bibim Men Oriental Style Noodle Mi Kho Dai Han

Country of Origin: South Korea

The apple of your…… mouth?


These were the second cold noodle we’ve had on our journey I think, and they are an interesting divergence from standard noodle flavours. These have an apple hit to help cool the mouth while also giving a wee nip to the tongue with the spicy profile in the sauce.

Now these definitely aren’t a spicy noodle, so feel free to tuck into a bowl of these on a hot day should you feel the urge to n00d, but lack the desire to cook up a big, steaming bowl of fiery hell.

1 block, 1 sachet
Looks…like noodles

The taste is actually quite refreshing, the apple flavours playing well with the spices to give us a damn nice tasting bowl o noodles. Even better, they keep in the fridge for later!.

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

No burn at all for these, perhaps in large quantities the apple may have a laxative effect, but that is something to experiment on Nic with try another time.

0 flames.

I’ll be honest; I’m not sure where these are from. I bought them in Yogjakarta from a specialty candy store but the fact the name of the noodle appears Thai confuses me. I see on the packet these appear to be made in Korea though (and Paldo is a Korean company) so we are going with that. It’s been a while since we have had a cold ramen – and these appear to have apple juice! – so I’m excited.

These were a piece of cake to make; only one sachet (something common with these cold noodle varieties) but there are sesame seeds and what appears to maybe be Nori? Not sure, will find out when I taste it. Smells alright though!

Wow these taste pretty good! My favourite cold noodle so far; the apple juice added really does bring out some sweetness and there is a nice heat that builds and flows through as you eat. Can’t quite peg the main flavour but its definitely good.

Is it a surprise that there was no poop? Not really; these weren’t all that spicy at all and regret was non existent. Eat away!

0 flames!

I’m out of the office today so couldn’t commentate while eating with my cohorts. But I feel it made the making process a little simpler. Throw on the stove strain and run under cold water, Easy. The taste of the noodle cake is my usual concern with cold ramen, I feel they’re usually more starchy but these are a very nice block, kudos Paldo. Adding in the single flavour sachet and having a sneaky taste of the sauce on its own, I’m impressed. These did indeed taste fantastic, something happens when i eat cold noodles though that confuses my pallete. I expect it to be warm each mouthful, I realize its cold, then the chilli warms up the mouth, its a bit of a journey that I appreciated. I wouldnt consider these hot my tolerance perhaps has grown from just wanting to inflict pain upon myself. But I would consider these a low heat.

So, no regret but definitely concern. This made my poop go a greenish colour. This has only happened a couple times in my life, usually after eating froot loops.there was no sting and no burn but green skid marks òn the bowl is going to raise some eyebrows if they’re left.

1 flame? I dont know, once again it was more concern than anything.

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