Suimin Noodles With Hot and Spicy Flavour

Country of Origin: Australia

One word; average.


Well, this was average. Part of me wishes to repeat the word average until I have reached a respectable word limit. I chose against this because that would not accurately describe just how average this average noodle is; average.

No fork? What is this?

Average noodles are found inside an average cup with somewhat above average roughage. The flavour, was average with a below average heat level I’m not sure what average flavour this was supposed to be but it was indeed average. The noods were the standard cup noodle variety which I find to be average, thin, hold average amounts of flavour, average.

Doesn’t blow me away; smell is OK.

That’s all I can do, I refuse to waste any more time and effort on this average Ramen. I will be sure to avoid this at every opportunity I get.

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

An Average poop to cap off an average nood. Nothing to state, it was a very normal poop. The whole experience was just plain average.

0 flames.

No fork? Amateur hour. I wasn’t expecting much from these and I was right. Super thin and stringy noodles that are too firm for my liking; they don’t hold much flavour either. There is no flavour from what I can tell; it’s a bit spicy, there is some salt in there, but I’m not sure what else. Doesn’t taste repulsive, but it doesn’t taste like much. Meh. Very Meh.

The broth is a lot better; there is actually flavour there, the noodles just don’t hold anything. The soup tastes a little sweet, a little spicy, but still can’t pinpoint a protein flavour.

So I may have fudged the results with this one; I got hungry last night so I ate a packet of Curry Buldak. I figured this was safe as I have eaten these 3 times and they have never yielded any regret; they are seal of approval noods.

So at about 11pm I had some regret; sore stomach, gargling, but I couldn’t poo. Wasn’t fun. Fast forward to 8am and I REALLY need to poo; but I’m driving. Get to work, sit down, and let an explosion rip. Its now 10.30am and after using the restroom twice I still feel tender. It’s quite possible that this is all the work of Suimin. In any case, the regret is about a 7. I’m not having fun this morning. I hate myself.

5 flames; deducting two as I did eat something else spicy last night even though I’m confident it wasn’t a contributing factor.

Overall Porcelain Punishment Level

Community PPĀ Level


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