Wang Korea Hwakkeun Ha Gamaeun Buldalg Bokkeumudong (Hot Chicken Flavor Udon)

Country of Origin: South Korea



So these puppies first came to my attention when Hans over at the Ramen Rater showed me a photo of them; looks a lot like something else we have seen doesn’t it? Isn’t there something called Intellectual Property? This looks like such a clear stab at imitating Samyang’s prize cow that it’s insulting. That being said; we are always after spicy treats and these claim to be “Extreme Spicy” (if you read the English on the packaging).  Luckily a fellow soldier here at work (that’s you Peter!) found these at his local Asian grocer so I asked him to grab us three for review!

ooh udon!

So these seem to be super complicated to make (comparatively speaking); reading the packaging you have multiple stages:

  • Soak the Udon (and it is udon) in hot water and drain to “cook”
  • Add noodles back to the bowl
  • Add 50ml of water
  • Add the seasoning
  • Microwave for 90 seconds
  • Go to a restaurant and order a bowl of ramen (OK this one isn’t real)

This isn’t your usual soak and mix. Nothing about this is “Instant”.

So the udon is nice; they are a great texture and size and so I’m actually really happy with them! Just like packet Udon you buy at the supermarket! My problem with this dish is the garnish; way too much. This absolutely stank of seaweed and it was the main flavour I was getting while eating these. I mean look at the photo below! It’s basically sea-420 up in this bowl.

Ramen with a side of dank

Heat was definitely high, but not at all “extreme” like the packaging says. Outside of the obvious similarities; Samyang Fire Noodles these are not.

I can actually say, personally, I wouldn’t eat these again; at least not with the garnish. Eating these as directed I have to say wasn’t an outstanding experience; without the quarter ounce of sea-kush these would probably be pretty good though!

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

So aside from the fact it tasted like I inhaled a shitload of seawater I didn’t really regret much from these; I didn’t even poo. There were a few farts after I had gone to bed and a fair bit of wind in the morning but as of this moment there have been no stomach issues, no stingy poops, nothing.

I don’t really have much else to say on this. I’m done.

1 flame; just some wind passing.

Must admit, I was pretty excited to see a take on Samyangs fire noodles with udon, this looked like it was going to be great. Thick tasty udon noods are a little annoying to cook on the run but hey, gives a little wow factor. Ample sauce to coat everything, good. Seaweed? Why so much seaweed? I am quite partial to the flavour of Nori but even I found this to be overwhelming. It was just hit after hit after hit of Seaweed flavour, it got kind of old.

After the other bucket of fire noods, I was concerned that the regret was down to it being presented in a bowl. Gladly, no regret. No stings, no hurts, pleasant poops

0 Flames, No drama’s here.

I didn’t sea anything wrong with this dish. Weed tried the Samyang Noodles, now we were going to try the ‘knock off’ version. Seame rough appearance on the packaging, but weedth enough differences to escape the claws of the kraken copyright laws. The Udon noodles are a nice touch, eel give them that, but the cook time left me a bit crabby. The seahorse is decent, a bit moray sweet than spicy, with the udon noods struggling to hold any of it. Barnacling any weird surprises I wasn’t expecting rough weather in the high seas later, and I was wright. No mess, and my poop deck was free of any nastiness. All in all a descent dish, but not one for a landlubber.

Oh, also there’s a f**kload of seaweed as a garnish.

0 flames, Davy Jones won’t be coming for ye anytime soon with this.

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