Ve Wong Dried Instant Noodles Assorted Hot Chili Flavor

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Why did the hipster burn his tongue? Because he ate his noods before they were cool…


I will continue with the review despite that terrible joke. Here at RRG we are all about new experiences and this was definitely an ummm interesting one.

One packet policy in full effect

OK where to start, the noodle block was standard, no roughage. The “chilli” packet was in part oil in part black, oily clumps. Don’t think these guys understand soluble substances. We tried warming the packet up to maybe loosen the clumps up a bit but to no avail, they were there to stay.

Oil and clumps

Mixing these were a nightmare, took 5 minutes of the “spread and mush” technique to mix the clumps in with the noods the whole time thinking I’m meant to sweat due to the consumption not the prep. The post mix result can be viewed below, clumps remained.

These are remaining clumps after a good 10 minutes of mixing

Just when I thought shit could not get more weird I began consuming these. Initial taste thought – ah these are alright. That’s about as good as it got, the more that went in my mouth the saltier it got. The aniseed gave it a slight licorice element but it wasn’t very pleasant. The middle of the tongue was pretty much numb from something (not chilli) and only the sides of my mouth could taste, all they got was salt though. The lack of heat was also very disappointing. All in all a “meh” experience, left a bad taste in my mouth for 15 minutes after consumption.

Doesn’t LOOK too bad…

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

Zero, zilch, nada. Only regret was consuming these in the first place; my lips and mouth were also completely dry for a long time post consumption but that’s as bad as it got.

1 flame for the dries

So these are another one from Ve Wong, the Taiwanese company that made the Mexican noods that were average as hell. Again they hit us with one packet that’s part oil and part clumps; a nightmare to mix. I wasn’t too excited for these.

Taste was weird as hell; like a lot was going on but also nothing. My tongue got numb, and it felt like I had drank about a gallon of sea water by the time I was done. Really weird. Not spicy at all.

So outside of regretting putting these in my mouth (might be good to eat before some dental surgery though due to the numbing properties) there wasn’t really any regret. Some flatulence in the evening but that’s about it.

1 flame cos farts are kinda embarrassing.

I’m not sure what this company is doing, their noods seem to all have the same sort of flavour. I was doing my work while these were being made up so I missed some of the initial unveiling sadly but got to enjoy(?) the flavours.

Firstly, weird flavour. Very weird, as I mentioned tasted mostly similar to the last Ve Wong ramen we had but this was with the added displeasure of aniseed. I hate aniseed!

Regret? I didn’t poop any more or any less than usual. Standard poop for standard dood (that doesn’t rhyme. It should though).

0 Flame.

Overall Porcelain Punishment Level

Community PP Level


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