Nongshim Bowl Noodle Soup Spicy Chicken Flavor

Country of Origin: South Korea

Bowls Deep.


Another Bowl noodle? Okay sure. Opening up the pack, dehydrated veggies already added; is that a mushroom? NICE! Nood block looks a little lacking, but I guess we’ll see after the cook.

Oooh. Look at those bitties!

I like the smell, it smells delicious. Upon first mouthful, I felt lost; it was just average. Unbelievably average. I’ve been scolded by colleagues for these thoughts. I just found this to leave almost no impression on me. Each mouthful was full of hope that it would be great or even good but nothing.

There is a severe lack of natural light in my kitchen

I just felt a little robbed, where did the aroma come from if I cant taste the deliciousness? Perhaps it is I who is broken here.

The heat was subtle, like a snake in the tall grass; you know its there just waiting for the bite, it just never really came for me.

Heat Level
Taste Level

The Aftermath

I am actually writing this from the waiting room of the doctors. I awoke this morning with the worst acid reflux of my life and an almost constant need to throw up. It probably wasn’t the noodles, I just thought id share, truth is I haven’t pooped and it’s a concern. I guess that would give it zero flames?

0 flames

This bowl noodle saves us a bit of the work by having the veggies already chucked in with the block; thanks Nongshim! I also like the fact there are chunks in here; chunks of what I don’t know but I’m always a fan of chunks! These were actually alright; not mind-blowing but a solid bowl of ramen with a nice heat level.

Good Game. This is definitely my favourite chicken soup ramen so far (screw you Maggi). Alas the two other reviewers did not agree so we are settling on “meh”; but for me, this was “good”.

So nothing too serious with these ones; frequent farting (some of them bubbly sounding) was all that really resulted from this. A whole lot of fun! Smell wasn’t too putrid but definitely above average wind-passing.

4 flames; it’s pretty noisy so you wouldn’t want to be around others.

 I’m still torn as to what these chunks were. Were they ginger? Mushroom? Dried meat? North Koreans? They had the appearance of all but the taste of none, kind of like the dish as a whole. The outset looked good, decent looking cake, broth looks a little thin but it smells good.

First taste gives a hint of heat, some chicken but that is about as far as it goes for me. It’s definitely no Maggi, it outstrips that vile concoction by a mile, but it doesn’t really hit the high quality broth and follow through I’ve come to expect from Nongshim. A good dish as a standalone but falls flat compared to its stablemates. Regret was barely a whimper for me, firm 0.1 on the Richter.

0 flames, won’t shock you.

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