Acecook Hang Nga Bun Bo Hue

Country of Origin: Vietnam

Packs on packs on packs


So this is one I grabbed at a nearby Asian grocer; I can’t read a thing on the packet but it had a photo of some chilies so we knew this would be right up our alley.

So Bún bò Huế is apparently a popular Vietnamese soup with vermicelli and beef; now we know what it is let’s dive in.

Packets galore
Look at all those things to add

So there are quite a few packets here; a paste, oil, and some seasoning and veggies. Nice. Thanks for delivering the goods! Noodles took a little while to hydrate nicely (surprising given that they are so thin) and there were some nice chunks in with the veggies (mushroom maybe, and possibly faux meat?).

Looks OK.

The smell wasn’t that appetising to be honest; but thankfully the dish tasted quite good! Very beefy, not much heat though. Noodles were acceptable and held the flavour; just wish there was a bit more of it.

I’m not mad at these ones.

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

So no issues with these. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much and nothing much happened. I did have my regular morning release but no sting accompanied it so I definitely give these a thumbs up in terms of after-market-regret. There really was none.

0 flames! Nothing!

 Quite a lot to this one, you get 3 packets packed full of dried veg, sauce paste and maybe-meat, although the final result of the taste is a slight bit underwhelming. I enjoyed this dish, there is a spicy presence, beefy taste, and plenty of dried veg – there just wasn’t a lot of punchy flavours in the end, it all just melded into the one blob of mildly tasty, mildly spicy broth.

Regret wise this one is a no-show, didn’t detect even a hint of odd behaviour from the depths.

0 Flames.

 I quite liked these fellas, tasty just also a little lacking. I wanted more punch of flavour. I could tell it was there but just timidly hiding like it’s father had just gotten home drunk after being fired. I quite liked the change of pace for the cake-o-noods, rice noodles here and there never goes astray.

Regret? nope, I pooped like a champ.

0 flames.

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