Wingsfood Mie Sedaap Instant Rasa Sambal Goreng

Country of Origin: Indonesia

This is one mild meatball


Well, right out of the gate, I screwed the pooch on this one by absent mindedly throwing Kam’s fried onions in the bin, he may never forgive me. I had to sacrifice my noods with the fried onions for my incompetence and eat his without the fried goodies.

Seems to be the standard Indonesian noodle block
Seasoning galore

I quite enjoyed these noodles, a nice lime take on a classic. I feel the flavour of these were just slightly let down by lack of depth. I simply got a lime chilli flavour and that was kind of it. I am not saying it was disappointing, it was very tasty and I enjoyed it a lot, it just lacked a little complexity/range in the flavour profile.

Oh how we missed you

Heat? What heat? This was as mild as a “spicy” ramen could be. I found myself shovelling it down just to feel a little bite and still found myself underwhelmed. Perhaps this was a good way to ease back into the ramen regret after holiday break; something that won’t sting the anus. My tips would be to add some sriracha marinated chicken and toss through with some chopped chillies, this just lacked heat on all levels, needs something to bring up that heat index.

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Taste Level

The Aftermath

First day back and I goofed every part of this review; I threw away Kam’s onions during the consumption and I was already needing to void the bowels the morning of the tasting but I was in a rush so I didn’t (I didn’t poo before the review). After the ramen, there wasn’t so much regret from the ramen, but regret from 36 hours of fecal build up. No sting, no pushing, smooth flow; just 36 hours of pure unadulterated crap

1 flame; this played no part in this.

This is another one I brought back from my trip to Indonesia; there are probably going to be another 20 of these so I’ll stop pointing it out soon. It looked delicious from the packaging and the taste didn’t disappoint! It had a strong flavour I couldn’t quite put my finger on (I checked the package; it’s beef and shrimp) along with a wonderful lime overtone. These are good! Would recommend to anyone based on taste alone.

I didn’t have any regret from these; I wasn’t expecting any either. Ain’t nobody got enough spice for that.

0 flames; didn’t do a damned thing.

Shrimp, lime, beef – it’s a tropical holiday in my mouth! Strong beef and prawn flavours mixed with the fish sauce (I think) and the jerk nipples jeruk nipis make this dish very refreshing. This dish is also good for the spice-shy, there’s not a lot of kick to this puppy, and zero regret to boot.

0 flamer, no muss.

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