Gaga 100 Mie Goreng Extra Pedas

Country of Origin: Indonesia

A spicy little firecracker.


So we are doing something unprecedented for this one; I am flying solo on the review.

I know, I know; crazy right? Why? Well, when I was in Indonesia for Christmas on my Ramen-hunting mission my wife did me a solid and picked some up for me when she was out meeting a friend. The problem is she didn’t buy 3 of each (and bought a few we had already reviewed); doesn’t she read the site? Probably not.

Well I managed to get two more of a few, but I went overboard and ran out of suitcase room so I was left with 2 noodles that I only had 1 packet of. I didn’t want to let these go to waste so here we go! Gaga’s “100”; I sure hope these are as good as the name claims. Does Gaga keep it 100? Let’s find out.

Standard Indo style block

The block was standard Mie Goreng fare; most Indonesian noodles are this same size block and guage of noodles so I’m not surprised; but holy crap these release a lot of starch!

Starch for Days

I’ve never seen a packet noodle turn the water almost milky white while steeping! Crazy. Well at least it’s all gone right? Also these only have 2 packets (1 seasoning, 1 that looks like some kind of chilli oil); no garnish.

Barenaked Noods

Well, they look like a standard Mie Goreng; smells spicy though. I’m not expecting much from these but they actually had some kick! A lot actually. I guess the flames on the package weren’t for nothing.

Taste is average; nothing to write home about and not much there. The flavour of peppery heat really overpowers any attempt at a Mie Goreng flavour. I really couldn’t tell anything apart from salt, sweet, beef maybe, and spice; that’s the medley of flavours at play here. The oil really helped keep the heat surrounding my lips for the entire meal (and made sure it stayed put for a good 5 minutes after); I swear these companies only add the oil to make you suffer more. These really do have a kick; they just make it over the barrier from “Medium” to “High” heat. Just. Good thing the noodle block is small; if this serving was the size of a standard Korean one I would be in trouble.

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

Actually very little aftermath here; the evening was a breeze (with none from the rear) but I did have some stomach pains the next morning. Running to the toilet thinking “this was it” yielded no result. The stabbing left just as mysteriously as they had arrived; these noods are just a big tease.

1 flame; It would be 0 but they did give me a bit of worry for a moment there.

Overall Porcelain Punishment Level

Community PP Level


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