Samyang Cheese Buldak Bokkeummyeon (Hot Chicken Flavour with Cheese)

Country of Origin: South Korea

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If Mac’N’Cheese had a violent, sociopath brother, this would be it. Much like a sociopath this ramen knows how to charm you, with a thick, glorious looking noodle cake and appetising smell, it winds its way into your senses until you take the first bite – then the heat kicks in, and you can almost hear crazed laughter as your mouth goes numb.

Wonderfully thick noodle block as we have come to expect

There aren’t a whole lot of ingredients in this dish – the sauce is simple, and the cheese powder comes with strips of seaweed for taste, but that’s all there is. So the real shiner here is the taste, and boy does it taste gooood. The taste is very similar to its bigger, scarier brother: Chicken-y spicy goodness, but the cheese flavour definitely kicks it up a notch and the spice seems toned down for this dish. For fans of heat and cheesy things, I would go no further. The cheese itself isn’t the greatest, but at the end of the day we’re talking about powdered cheese. If you want something a bit more gourmet, feel free to grate your own cheese – perhaps a nice Gruyere or sharp cheddar. Maybe a #RamenLabs project in the future could attempt a 3-cheeseĀ Buldak Bokkeummyeon?

Ah yes; this is a recognisable appearance.

This would definitely rate as one of my favourite ramen I’ve reviewed. I can also recommend this one as an adventurous foray into big boy spicy meals for the spice-shy, while still on the hotter end of the scale, the cheese seems to mellow the initial kick of the spice, so it’s more of a lingering heat as opposed to a punchy, in your face burn. I’ll be tracking this one down myself to add to my personal stash.

Heat Level

Taste Level

The Aftermath

The regret for this one was amazingly almost non-existent. Like the other offering from Samyang sans cheese this is a feat of culinary engineering. I would say surpassing even the development of pre-prepared equally divided loaves of yeast product. Keep it up Samyang, you’re onto a winner.

1 flames, some toot-toot beep-beep, but nothing that can’t be handled with some stealthy crop-dusting tactics (make sure it’s a noisy area).

We have been waiting to review these for so long; after a month waiting for my ebay order from Korea I found these at a local Korean grocer. We have tried the regular ‘fire noodles’ and they were great; how else to make them better but with cheese? Samyang, you know us well. As expected, these were hot! I actually thought there was less heat than the regular Buldak Bokkeummyeon but I chalked that up to the fact we have had much hotter ramen since then (I was wrong, I translated the back of the package and these are half the SHU of the original fire noodles. So yes there is less heat). That being said there was still an accumulation of sweat on my head and as I worked through the bowl the mouth and tongue pain both steadily increased; in fact, the heat still continued to build for a few minutes after I had stopped eating. These are still not for the faint hearted, but these taste so damn good!

Regret-wise; pleased to report not much at all! Well, I can actually say I regretted nothing; but I did have a few gnarly farts last night. Like, killer one. Didn’t really smell bad but they sounded bawse as hell.

2 flames. The farts are really hard to conceal; people will hear you.

Jimminy Jillickers, these… were… fantastic. They were hot, they had the familiar taste of fire Noodles but cheesey. The cheese flavour was roughly reminiscent of Kraft E-z Mac and I am all about that life. The heat stayed on the tongue, the flavour of the cheese with each mouthful cut through the heat to deliver blow after delicious blow. Writing this before any movements, I just hope these have no regret because I want to love everything about these tasty bastards.

Someone give Samyang a medal because they are killing it. Not even a little regret, just deliciousness. The results may vary for those less tolerant of Lactose (it’s 2016, your intolerance offends me) but for me, it was just a normal movement (at least what I remember to be a a normal movement). A couple of toots, but nothing to write home about just the standard. I vote another seal of approval for these bad boys.

This gets a 1 for maybe a toot or two.

Overall Porcelain Punishment Level

It really seems like Samyang know what they are doing; they are the only guys to earn these Seal of Approvals so far! Well done guys! Nailing it!

Community PPĀ Level


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