Nissin Tom Yam Mee Goreng Flavour

Country of Origin: Singapore

Look out Indomie, you have a contender.


I’m a big fan of Mee Goreng, It’s reminiscent of my year abroad and broke. It reminds me of a simpler time, back when bills were minimal, debts didn’t exist yet and smoking in pubs was still legal. My cohorts are already quite mad as I had to eat mine a day later than them, so this review is late and it’s all my fault. Sorry ’bout that Regret Fans Let’s get into the details.

It looks plain; but you can’t smell it. It smells great.

Let’s start out with the grand reveal, the opening of the noodles. Nice thin noodles, cook quickly, perfect for when time is of importance. I feel that the flavour of these bad boys was right on point. Being off work this week, I had the ability to cook/fry up the noodles the way Moses intended. I threw my fried noodles into my bowl, I grabbed a fork and rushed my way to the table to munch away. First mouthful; I thought, “Praise be to Allah, these are fantastic!”, not as hot as I would like as there were no bits (fried onions at the least would have helped) which I found to be unfortunate. I feel, flavour wise, these guys can go punch for punch with the infamous Indomie Mi Goreng. The subtle hint of chilli was like a beaten kid; quiet but clingy. I found the heat to be very low; it just kind of sat on the tongue, not increasing or decreasing and just sitting there like a little Buddah.

I would say with god as my witness, that I almost think that I prefer the flavour of these noodles over Indomie, As a dish, I would say however, Indomie wins just due to its packaging/sauce/seasoning amounts, it’s slightly higher heat and the addition of fried onion. Perhaps some added chilli, some chicken and fried onions, things would be better.

Heat Level
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The Aftermath

I found myself with no regret from these guys. I went to bed the night of, no gas, no tummy gurgles, just a casual night at home. I toddled off to bed at around 10:30 and laid my weary head to rest confident! Waking up I was pleased to find that there was still nothing; one morning coffee later though and the magic began.

It was a casual stroll to the bathroom, no urgency, no stress. Sat down and same again, smooth sailing. I got in, I got out and I don’t hate myself.

0. I feel these shall be my go to ramen from here on out.

I’m not mad at this one! It may be that I’m uncultured swine but I’m not sure if “Tom Yam” and “Tom Yum” are the same thing; I was assuming they were so I expected I would probably like these! Was I right? Yup. Look I’m quite partial to the stir-fry style noodle and we all love a bit of Tom Yum; I think these nailed it. Of course these will always be improved upon when stir-fried in a pan with some vegetables, but the important question is “Do these hold their own”? Yes. Yes they do. Savoury flavour with pleasant citrus undertones and a comfortable heat level; delicious and fun for all ages! I could easily sub these in, instead of a pack of Indomie Mi Goreng, next time I make a lazy stir-fry.

The regret was short-lived for this one; again it was a nice relaxing evening with only a brief run to the loo at around 9pm. No pushing, not holding into the sides for support, no stinging around the starfish area, and a quick and easy wipe.

0 flames! These had no negative side effects.

Nissin great brakes, decent ramen. They certainly picked two weirdly different things to specialise, but I’m glad for it. These ‘dry’ Tom Yam noodles are great to slurp down quick – not a whole lot of sauce – not really a lot to this dish to be honest, sauce and powder for seasoning, thin noodles for a quick soak time, and you’re gone. Fast, clean and with a slightly numb mouth. The taste itself I found a tiny bit lacking – there were definitely hints of Thai heritage there, but it was just lacking some….punchiness.

Not ramen, but still good for you.

My regret for these was less pain, more of the work required. The resulting sploosh was simply a large amount of floaty bastards that took a lot to flush down. Minimal sting means these won’t be a problem for your schedule.

1 flame, you might have to net your poo with a bit of TP after your first flush to catch the stragglers.

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