Nongshim Neoguri Seafood and Spicy Noodle Soup

Country of Origin: South Korea


Disclaimer: I’m racist against mussels, creepy beardy wee things. And this dish tastes like mussels, quite a bit. The noodles again are a winner, Nongshim have a great recipe going for them, and the shape is so convenient for those of us who don’t use square bowls. The noods will need a bit of microwaving if you’re going the soak method, but they’re worth the wait.

However, the broth. Hmm. I wanted to like them, I really did – it has *almost* all the ingredients of a great ramen – but it just wasn’t to my taste because of the mussels. I never can nail down what I don’t like about them, perhaps I was abused as a child by a mussel? Did one lure me into its watery lair with promises of shiny things, only to touch me in the bad place? We shall never know.

The noodle block can’t be faulted
Healthy amount of veggies with this one!

What I did like about the broth? Hot, tomato base, quite a bit of salty seaweed and it raised a sweat ‘pon the brow as I slurped – but again, mussely undertones. Blech. Look, if you looove seafood, if you will eat raw crayfish from the shell, polish off a dozen oysters, this one is for you. Otherwise? I’d steer clear, lotsa fishy fish taste.

Heat Level
Taste Level

The Aftermath

Surprisingly not a single piece of regret – I thought perhaps I was going to birth a perfect storm, but for these, I did not enact any punishment upon the porcelain throne. Or perhaps my body is just readying itself to punish me for reliving my tangle with a child musslestor.

0 flames! What terrible punishment awaits my backend now!??!

Josh should be pleased! Seafood is his favourite! These ramen are probably the most seafood-y ones we have reviewed yet; the smell is strong with this one. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to think (I like seafood, but not so crazy about seafood flavoured ramen) but these were actually really tasty! Just like most of the other seafood-themed ramen we have reviewed it’s mostly in the smell! The noodles were fantastic and held the flavour really well; vegetables were plentiful (so much seaweed!), fantastic amount of heat (my head is still sweating as I write this) and a delicious, layered flavour to the broth. I really liked these actually; I wasn’t expecting to.

I was pretty much fine until 10pm; I thought I was home free from the regret! I had the stomach-stabs and ran straight for the poo-palace. This one wasn’t quick and easy though; I had to push. There was stinging. I could feel that chilli coming back out. I don’t remember the last time I had to push a fiery ramen-poo out but it was an unpleasant feeling; forcing out that fiery sediment wasn’t in the least enjoyable. That being said, once done there was no more regret the entire evening or the next morning.

4 flames; a single occurrence but one that was definitely felt.

I HAAATE SEAFOOD FLAVOURED THINGS! Look; I ate it. I endured mouthful after mouthful of fishy noodle and at the end, I can still tell you a few good things. The noodle cake was great, fantastic thick noodle cake, just spot on. The sachet of bits was as already mentioned by Kam, plentiful. I feel these noodles were lost on me, they were very fragrant (of seafood), they were full of flavor (seafood flavour) and they had a great bite to them. The chilli while eating the noodles left a great tongue burn but remained kind enough to let you finish until you reached the broth. I would rather refer to the broth as a bowl of red fish chilli cordial; I had to brace myself to drink it, I had to keep reassuring myself it was almost over. After I had finished I was sweaty, I was violated, but I was triumphant. Look at me now Mum, I finaly accomplished something.

We flash forward now to the evening after the ramen, all fine, all good, no issues until trying to sleep…I had a mean case of the toots! Hot toots; smelly toots. I had already had my nighty night tea and it was a case of get up and wake myself up or just go to sleep and hope not to shit the bed. Woke up, clean sheets, clean underpants, all clear. After the morning coffee the gurgles began again, I rushed to the bathroom and I feel like I pooped out any and all contents from the day I was born. It was over quickly, there was no burn; just like the movie starring Lucas Black and Bow Wow and a cameo from Vin Diesel, it was Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.

3. Heated toots were bad. I took points off because I think I lost 15kg from the movement.

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