Nongshim An Sung Tang Myun

Country of Origin: South Korea

Miso Hungry (yes I hate myself for that).


I was excited for these ones; who doesn’t love Miso Soup? And I definitely love Ramen. So this seemed like a winning combination!

A nice hefty block of thin noodles

The noodles only came with one sachet; that was a little disappointing. Where is the roughage? Don’t I need some seaweed in my Miso soup? Well, let’s make these babies anyway. I’m hungry like I’m south of Slovakia (what is wrong with me today?).

Not a bad looking bowl!

Joy of Joys! The seaweed is inside the seasoning packet! That’s better. This dish smelled great. What about the taste? Good. Just good. It wasn’t nearly miso-y enough. Which is surprising because given the colour I assumed this was a red miso base. In any case, it was still enjoyable (just needs more miso in my opinion).

The noodles were top notch as usual from these guys; they can do a great thin noodle too! Not at all starchy, great texture with a little bounce to the bite. Love them. Nice level of heat which increased as I got to the broth. Unfortunately most of the seaweed kept sinking to the bottom (much unlike the seaweed you get at the beach…typical) which was a shame but other than that solid effort.

Heat Level
Taste Level

The Aftermath

I’m in two minds here; there was literally nothing for the whole nite! Smooth sailing! Where I’m indecisive is the next morning; 10am sharp it was toilet time and oh my was it fast and furious! But there was no stinging. Where I’m unsure is that about 15 minutes before this epic paced poo I had a fat greasy breakfast fry up. Is 15 minutes too short a time span to provide this kind of action? Or was it because of these noodles? Well, considering there was 0 sting and the consistency was normal I’m saying it probably wasn’t the noods. But just in case I’ll give this 2 flames.

2 Flames; nothing all night and slept like a baby. 10am poo didn’t seem spice-related. This is safe if you have a big night out.

Was excited for this one, miso and ramen together at last! The ‘noods were definitely on point and fit together well with the soup, absorbing some of that miso-ness. The miso itself? Definitely not the greatest I’ve had but after all this is a packet soup, so I won’t really judge it too harshly. The soup gives a good accounting of itself, solid miso flavour, just missing a few vegetable chunks to bring it all together. Not a massive level of spice, but the heat does push through in the broth towards the end. All in all a nice warming meal for the chilly ramen-ite on a winters day, would totally have it again.

Regret was absent completely, nothing out of the ordinary that night or afterwards.

0 flames, move along people, nothing to see here.

I am a big fan of Miso, like my counterparts, I was slightly disappointed with the lack of a ‘bag o’ bits’. Sure there was some seaweed flakes in the flavour sachet, but not enough to get me writing home about it (not that I would, I write my shit here, and I guess I am writing here about it. That phrase is completely lost). It was tasty, but wasn’t a full of flavour as I would have hoped, I figured it just needed a good stir before eat mouthful (like a usual miso) but although it helped, it remained, lacking. I feel the chilli didn’t lend to the miso and vice versa; they just kind of slugged it out with each other until they were both unconscious on the floor. Both still there, but not really present.

The potential regret was a worry for me; I had a day of heavy house inspections ahead of me. Fortunately this also meant I would be inspecting many loos (just in case). Thankfully, I didn’t have to climb through and perch up in an inspection (although if I had of stunk up a place, maybe it would have secured my application being the only one). Alas, no regret! Some tummy gurgles the next day, some toots of wind in my car and nothing I couldn’t simply hold until I’d reached home.

0 Flames, Nothing really to report. My anticipation of ruining a house inspection was completely unfounded.

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