Nongshim Chal Bibim Myun

Country of Origin: South Korea


Ooooweeee I was excited for these noodles. i had been eyeing off our table thinking to myself, this is going to be great. When the time came to cook, Kam informed me that they are to be served cold, that’s when things got weird.

There was no perforation where the arrow was pointing; so we ignored the instructions and opened from the top

First mouthful, hmm, I’ve tasted this before. Slight chilli feels enveloped my tongue but a familiar taste remained. Second mouthful; I’ve definitely tasted this before, but where and why does this taste like it wasnt cooked, ah yes, served cold. Third mouthful; like the sudden realization that the girl you’re into isn’t too “busy” to text back but textin’ ya boy Marcus behind your back. THEY TASTE LIKE TINNED SPAGHETTI! There are chilli tones but its like someone at Nongshim discovered tinned spaghetti and was like, “This is what we do now”. It was uncomfortable eating them cold, it felt slightly odd tasting that sweet tomato-y flavour that comes from a tin of soggy spaghetti.

Cold noodle plate; mmmm.

Flavour wise, I think i made my point; to me it was a ramen twist on a timeless tinned staple. Did I enjoy it? Sure! The chilli made an appearence but left before the party started. Like when you’re young and the cool kid is like ‘I’ll come to your party’ but leaves before pass the parcel starts and you’re left sitting there with all your friends who need an inhaler to just to make it to gym class. Nothing exciting but enjoyable.

Perhaps I’m hung up on my experience of tinned spaghetti flavour. I love tinned spaghetti, it’s delicious but I wanted spicy ramen. I wanted that flavour adventure. I wanted the noodles to take my taste buds behind the curtains in drama class, make out with them, then slap me across the face. (I’m using a lot of school metaphors today… not sure why). I genuinely enjoyed these noodles, I guess I’m just hung up on the fact that it wasnt what i was expecting. I also think I would have preffered them hot (against the packets direction); eating them cold just made me feel like I was eating left out food. I’ll give these a good rating for flavour but they have annoyed me. I’ll maybe come back to enjoy them hot. Or put them in a jaffle like I’d usually do with tinned spaghetti.

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The Aftermath

Aftermath? nothing, im writting this on my phone now while doing my morning duece. standard morning poop (from before we started this journey. most poops since we started havent been completely normal). Recommend this noodle to your grand parents, im feeling regular today.

0 regret just standard poops.

So this is the first time we have come across a cold packet ramen; interesting! This was pretty straightforward; just a noodle block (thinner than Nongshim‘s usual) and one packet of spicy Korean sauce! Taste was pretty good! It’s a very sweet and spicy dish; nothing that creates any head-sweat or nose-running but very tasty! Didn’t get any meat or stock flavours so I’m assuming this was just chilli, sweetener of some kind, and seasoning or something. Maybe a bit of tomato? Who knows? I was still trying to get over the fact I had to eat these cold; I wasn’t expecting it. This dish would go great with some chopped up veggies (cucumber or something) almost like a cold ramen salad! Maybe next time.

So not much regret to speak of for most of the evening. Funnily enough I did have trouble pushing one out around 8pm; was on for about 20 minutes but I gave up as I didn’t want to risk a hernia. There were a few gassy farts around 11pm but then I was off to bed and nothing to speak of until 10am the next day when there was just a normal morning poo.

I say 1 flame for these ones on account of the farting.

Koreas answer to soba? I didn’t read the instructions went against the machine for this noodle and had mine warm/hot. Yes yes, I’m an uncultured swine. The package is quite simple, just noodles and a sauce packet – I think some texture to the dish would go a long way. Taste is kind of sweet and spicy – swicy? speet? Not incredibly hot, but a little tingle nonetheless.

Not much regret at all for this one, slight gassiness that night but nothing to be worried about. All in all just kinda bland, like the dish itself.

1 flame for this one, gas can put a damper on your evening if there’s no dog to blame it on.

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