Mama Instant Rice Noodles Tom Saab Flavour

Country of Origin: Thailand

Mama’s back with a brand new bag!


Well, Maggi week is over (praise Jebus) and this was a nice change of pace; had that spice going on. Flavour-wise, the package claims it’s pork (only thing that was in english) but it tasted to me more like a veggie based broth. Spice on spice on spice – this beat my palette around like Chris beat Rhianna – and lots of flavour; great but I might say a little too much going on for my liking.

While on sight it didn’t look like the most appetizing dish (I think I would have appreciated some more dehydrated veggies or more contents in general) I enjoyed this dish thoroughly, the rice noodles were a nice touch! Not an overly spicy dish (it had some burn to it but was manageable) but if I have to put it in an ‘Average Joe’ heat rating (which I do), I would give this a ‘high’. I cherished the heat.

I don’t want to shit on Maggi too much in one review, but it was nice to actually feel some tingle to my tongue.

They don’t exactly present themselves well…but let’s not judge a noodle by its colour.

The Broth was tasty tasty! The flavour in the broth alone seemed a little deeper than when eating with the noodles; not even sure how that works but I’ll go with it. I guess all we can do now is wait until the poops occur! Writing this prior to the aftermath I feel this might cause a little punishment; Just had that feeling to it.

Heat Level
Taste Level

The Aftermath

Driving home, I felt some gurgles. My haste to get home was hindered by peak hour traffic and I found myself planning an emergency stop to squat it out if push came to shove. I’ve never sat in the left lane for the entirety of a freeway drive before. I get home and found the urgency had died, perhaps my body knew it would be bad and decided to cut me some slack. I toddled into the bathroom and perhaps the worst case of gas I’d ever had proceed to emit from the butthole. That  was it, all that build up to nothing. A few hours later I found myself venturing back to the lav for what can only be described as punishment. It was stingy it was hot it was cruel and unusual punishment. Mama had indeed knocked me out.

8; it was hell. Mama don’t love me no more.

After last week I was pretty confident anything we tried today would be fantastic! So how did these fair? Texture of the noodles was a little chewy – I had to slurp them down because my teeth wouldn’t easily bite through; did end up being a bit messy – but actually held the flavour pretty well. Speaking of flavour I couldn’t really pinpoint what that was; I suspect vegetable and definite citrus notes (maybe lime). I googled Tom Saab and turns out this is a hot and spicy pork soup…pork? I didn’t get much pork flavour. That being said I quite liked these anyway and they came with a bit of a kick too; nothing extreme but these babies pack heat! Would revisit for sure!

I had a completely opposite experience to Josh; No poo, no sting, no stomach gargles, no pain. I think I had one stinky fart in the evening but that’s totally manageable. In the morning I passed more air but it was just a regular form of stink. 1 flame. If that. Poor Josh.

1 flame; Mama loves me.

Mama said knock you out – with taste! I liked this one, although rice noodles aren’t my favourite, the flat shape helps me not think of creepy little worms in my food. The spicy, punchy broth really lends itself well to the overall Thai-ness of the dish, with hints of citrus and veggies adding to the heat level, which definitely lets you know you’re there, but isn’t a complete handful.

Regret was hard to judge with me, I drink alot of coffee anyway (yayy uni), which throws a spanner up the clacker, but there didn’t seem to be a whole lot different with this – maybe a bit more gas, a bit more rush, but overall nothing extreme.

0 flamer here, barely noticeable and won’t ruin your evening.

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