Samyang Sutah Ramen Noodle Soup

Country of Origin: South Korea

Damn these are good.


Holy Shit-balls these are good! Like…damn…I dig these. The noodles are the perfect thickness (of course, it’s Samyang, what did I expect?), the broth is a wonderful deep rusty red, there is a hearty beef taste with a good deal of kick to it, and the vegetable sachet is completely appropriate; loads of spring onion!

Looks supremely appealing! Can’t wait to get it in me.

It was hard to gauge the heat on this initially; on the first mouthful there was definite heat that I would have rated a solid ‘medium’. As I ate through the entire bowl my opinion slowly changed; the stinging on my mouth started to reach extremely high levels but the heat did still remain quite bearable. Quite a lot of head-sweat – the sweat continued to return even after finishing the bowl and wiping my head clean – accompanied by a runny nose; the heat on this one is definitely up at “High”. As for taste? Taste is at ‘Delicious’! Gimme some more of these!

I’m really hoping these are low on regret because they could become a go-to Ramen for me! Guess we will find out…

Heat Level
Taste Level

The Aftermath

Not much to speak of; definitely more gassy movements than usual (some interesting sounds too). I was pretty much free of regret until about 8/9pm when I felt some gargling in my stomach; headed to the bathroom and there were a few brief but rapid watery exits with no sting. Could have been the noodles, could have been the cold I have. Was quick, painless, and was out of there in 10 minutes.

Come 10.30pm I’m watching a David Blaine special on Netflix and there are a few rapid-fire movements of gas; not much smell but definitely a sharp, rumbling exit sound. There were about 6 in quick succession. Nothing further for the rest of the evening.

I’ll go with 3 flames; the passage of gas was more than usual so you would need to keep excusing yourself if you have company.

Oh baby, we’re back in the ramen game. I decided for this one that I’d just skip the middleman and accidentally inhale spice straight out of the packet – to those playing at home, don’t do this, this hurts.

So apart from my brain attempting to eject from my skull, this was actually a really tasty ramen, nice beefy broth, thick yellow noodles and dried vegetables made this ramen a definite revisit candidate.

No regrets!

0 flames; I regret nothing.

I don’t know who is in charge over at Samyang, but I would very much like to ask them over for dinner, the dish I would serve would be their own Sutah Ramen as the quality of this product is fantastic. Great flavours, excellent spice on the tongue, and just a fantastic all round experience afterwards; a friendly handshake and a job well done would definitely be in order. The mouth was stingy for quite a while from the heat which didn’t seem too intense to be honest but had some serious staying power and built to quite a great climax. Keep up the great work Samyang.

Aftermath for me was minimal, not really much regret to report, I had a home viewing and I was worried that I would have a serious evac situation, but those fears were unfounded as I traveled through the night with nothing but a few toots here and there. The gas had some odor to it but the intestines were well equipped to handle this dish.

1 mostly for the toots. If it weren’t for them, it would be a 0.

Overall Porcelain Punishment Level


Samyang; you’ve done it again! These ramen get our second ever, coveted, Porcelain Pal Seal of Approval! High heat, minimal regret, and freaking delicious!


Community PPĀ Level


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