Maggi Fusian Korean Spicy Beef

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After yesterday I assumed things can only get better; was quite disappointed with Maggi‘s effort on the Laksa noodles (ramen is clearly not their strong suit…which is quite funny to be honest since they are a noodle company).

So today it’s their “Spicy Korean Beef”; is it Korean Beef that is spicy? Or is it beef made by a “Spicy Korean“? Who knows. But let’s get this done!

Same old noodle block; nice and thick, but today I’m gonna nuke it longer and let it sit to see if that improves their flavour. These ones also come with dehydrated vegetables (mostly spring onion and a few chillis) so that gets points over yesterdays.

This is what mediocrity looks like…with vegetables.

I nuked the noodles for 60 seconds after they had softened up in the hot water; I added the flavour sachet and vegetables and let the noodles sit for about 5 minutes (I gave them a fair go). Alas, same problem as yesterday; it’s hard to taste anything other than starch. These noodles had heat just like yesterday – my mouth is a bit stingy – but the noodles just don’t hold flavour well! The broth was better once the noodles were out of the way; I could at least taste beef. Beef and heat (moderate heat I would say).

It may be too early to call, but I’m starting to view Maggi as the Flo-Rida of ramen noodles. I guess they will do if you have friends over and just wanna party; however, you wouldn’t eat these in front of people you want to have a high opinion of you.

Heat Level
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The Aftermath

Well, funnily enough, I didn’t really get anything from these. I did have a few pretty loud (almost bubbly sounding) gas releases in the evening but not stomach pains, no urgency, no rushing to the bathroom. Kind of surprised. I did have a little feeling of urgency around 10am the next morning but that subsided after about 10 minutes and nothing after that. At all. So I guess that’s the one upside to these noodles!

1 flame; only because the fart was pretty loud and kinda stank. If you have plans in the evening be sure to excuse yourself when you feel it coming.

I don’t want to say my run at Maggi‘s Korean Beef (wasn’t spicy enough to note the spicy part) was great or really even good – still underwhelming to say the least – but it was an improvement over the Laksa. I would say that Maggi’s flavour department need to have a bit of a rethink because their offerings are about as weak as an 80 year old woman.

I remembered Maggi as a kid being the noodles that please the doodle; they were great. Perhaps it was simple naivety, or perhaps my tastebuds have committed the mortal sin of suicide after yesterday, but ‘meh’.

Aftermath was about as smooth as a French man hitting on a lady. After the lack of flavour I hate even having to note it.

1 flame because at least it passed through my body.

Okay spicy beef, lets see what you got. Hello? Nothing? This is bad Maggi – I’m seeing a pattern emerging, and it’s not good. Low on spice and low on beefy flavour, and the vegetables add nothing to the dish either. All in all another disappointment. The aftermath was nothing to speak of – only some wateriness, but it was more the sense of self loathing and disappointment that was the real aftermath.

1 flame, you won’t physically regret it, but you may hate yourself.

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