Master Kong Old Mature Vinegar Sour and Spicy Beef Noodle

Country of Origin: China

This is one sour, mature worm.


Aww yiss, round cakes. Really enjoyed this one, it had an interesting taste! Opening the package reveals a soup base packet, sauce packet and a sachet of straight vinegar. The soup package has some dried beef, onions and….. something…. round, like a pea but different. Kinda looks like a legume of some sort. Will the mysteries of the east ever be revealed??!!

Taste-wise the dish is great, not really spicy at all but a not-overpowering sour flavour makes a nice change from the standard ramen.

Sachets galore and a nice round block

It must be the old mature vinegar that gives the subtle taste; this vinegar has a stable job, it’s settled into life and has no time for the insecurities and impulsiveness of young vinegar! Old vinegar knows what it wants, and is not afraid to grab it with both mature, experienced hands to make something of its lot in life.

Looks fantastic!

I would definitely grab this one again if I saw it, if only to translate the packet to find out what those damn round dried things are.

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The Aftermath

Regret wise this dish is a bust, absolutely no change from the usual schedule so can be had for a quick snack before any activity.

0 flames, sour away my friends.

So we have experienced Master Kong before and came away pretty impressed; so I was excited to give these a shot. Nice noodle block, great roughage (with what looks like chickpeas?) and flavour galore. Smelt like a fish and chip chop seasoning bench at first on account of the vinegar but went down a treat. Was delicious! Low heat, but a nice sour beef taste and the noodles held the flavour exceptionally well. A wonderful dish!

Not an inkling of regret; nothing at all. And I’m really happy with that because these are fantastic noods!

0 flames!

Well, I would say this was 50% there, it had the sour(ish) taste with the vinegar but the heat was practically non existent. I do feel that this was also quite salty but was just well balanced enough; still, if you are on a low sodium diet, maybe avoid this one. The Flavours hit the spot, I found myself enjoying the ramen and the broth just hits you with flavour; great job!

I wasn’t expecting much pain from this one; the heat was too low to cause regrets. I was right! Not really any bubbling in the stomach, nothing! Just a gentle prod that I needed to poo and then a standard little movement.

0 flames, nothing to worry about.

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