Master Kong Roasted Pork Ribs Noodle (Hot Spicy Flavor)

Country of Origin: China


I didn’t even realize this delicious little fella was on the table, we have entirely too much ramen here at work. The title; roasted pork ribs? Sounds great! We’ve been lied to by packaging before this wasn’t really an exception. “Hot spicy”; we came to the conclusion they meant to say “Not spicy” and it was a poor translation.

Look at those veggies!

Nood block was circular, always a plus but the noods themselves we very average, gave them a bit of a budget feel. Aroma was great, flavour was damn fine too. I had a weird taste each mouthful as soon as it hit my tongue but it was very quickly subdued by delicious porky flavours.

Smells fantastic!

As I mentioned, heat was non existant, Kam’s head was as dry as a bone, there was really nothing to be concerned about, just a very tasty dish of very mild ramen.

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The Aftermath

I was pretty confident this would pose no problems in the bathroom. I was for once correct, I sat my butt on the bowl, I went about my business and that was all she wrote. Zero problems, no unusual stank, nothing.

0 Flames. If you want a tasty straight-from-the-pack mild ramen this is a good go to.

I picked these up in Chinatown along with a few other varieties from Master Kong; I was dubious about these being spicy but the sticker translation on the packaging was quite clear in it being “Hot Spicy”….it lied. These aren’t spicy at all. Taste great though! Acceptable quality nood with good flavour retention; just could have done being a bit thicker. Overall I’m happy with these, delicious rich pork flavour; would revisit!

So not a peep from these babies; no unwieldy farts, smelly movements, not even a poo (slimy or stingy). Satisfaction guaranteed; your ring-hole will thank you.

0 flames! Not a regret in the world!

Very tasty but not enough chilly heat!  1/10 on the spice factor. Taste rating 7/10; it is a delicious blend of spices, but none of them being hot.  Noodle quality? 5/10! I’d much prefer Ramen noodles to not look like Maggi 2 minute noodles.

As expected, yesterday’s Ramen, with a high level of exotic  taste, but a low level of spice (nearly totally void, like a mango) left no regret, other than the fact that I was left with a craving for hot sauce for yesterday’s lack of spice in my life.

0 flames!

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